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A day in Introd: what to see and do


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Introd is a village in Valle d’Aosta located at 880 meters above sea level; it owes its name “entre eaux” (between the waters) to its location between the Dora di Rhêmes and the Savara stream, which precisely at Introd meet and then continue their descent to the Dora Baltea, the main river of Valle d’Aosta.

The village lies at the mouth of the Rhêmes Valley and Valsavarenche in the Gran Paradiso National Park. It is a predominantly agricultural town, also chosen by Popes John Paul II° and Benedict VI° for their summer vacations.

Below you will find what to see and do, even with children in tow, in the village of Introd.

What to see and do at Introd

Introd Castle – Built in 1260, it belonged to one of the oldest families in the Aosta Valley, the Lords of Bard. It is a striking building with the ancient tower in the center and an oval residential body enclosing it all around. The castle, surrounded by a large wooded park, can only be visited in summer.

La Ola farmstead and barns from the 15th century – In the immediate vicinity of the castle, one can find the “Ola” or wing of the castle, a cattle shelter, stables and barns. This is an old rural construction made of wood and masonry that in the past served precisely as a stable, stable and hayloft. Near the Ola you can find the original larch barns with wrought-iron locks.

La Maison Bruil – This is an old rural house from 1680 that has been renovated and made into a museum to explain how the people of Introd lived in these typical mountain dwellings at the time. The tour is very interesting, spread over three floors and not suitable for strollers.

Ovens and dairies in the hamlet of Introd – Walking through the hamlet, you can see the community ovens and the turnaria dairies dating back to the 1800s, which have now become museum venues where you can see the old equipment used for processing milk, butter and cheese.

Introd Bridge – The bridge was built to allow connection between the various hamlets located in the mountains. It is a true architectural masterpiece built during World War I over an 80-meter abyss.

What to see and do in Introd with children

Easy walks to take with children in strollers

Departure: Les Combes (1302 m)

Finish: Plan du Saint-Père (1321 m)

Difference in level: 19 m

Lenght: 915 m

Duration gone: 0h16

Marker: 4 – 4A

This is an easy walk to take with children that can also be walked with a stroller. The walk is located in Les Combes, the vacation home of John Paul II near the museum dedicated to him.

Description of the walk

You leave your car in the parking lot of the village of Les Combes (1302 m); the flat walk is just under a kilometer long and in about a quarter of an hour reaches the Plan du Saint-Père (1321 m), where there is also a picnic area with nice wooden tables and an information board dedicated to the life of John Paul II.

From the Plan du Saint-Père it is also possible to hike the “Trail of the Popes,” which, however, is suitable for families with children at least 6/7 years old who are used to hiking long trails in the mountains.

This hike is 12 km long with an elevation gain of 400 m for an estimated time of about 3 hours (one way). The trail goes uphill into the forest and leads to the cross located on top of the rocky spur called Croix de Bouque (1720 m.).

A few kilometers from Introd, you can reach the villages of Rhêmes and Valsavarenche, in the Gran Paradiso National Park, where you can find other hiking trails suitable for families with children. If you want to learn more – click here.

Parc Animalier d’Introd

The Parc Animalier d’Introd wildlife park is a nice place for children to spend a couple of hours observing the main animals of the Aosta Valley such as chamois, ibex, deer, marmot and many others, which can be approached from a safe distance. Continue reading

Introid parties

Generally in the first week of August, Introd hosts the traditional Festival of Black Rye Bread, which is baked in the communal oven in the hamlet of Norat throughout the day. If you want to learn more take a look at the official Aosta Valley website.

Where to sleep in Introd

L’angolino di Bonny– Very cozy B&B provided with family rooms, garden and excellent breakfast included. Really nice contrast between the rustic stone house and the rooms inside renovated in a modern style. Does not have availability of additional crib. Book here.

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