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Valle D’Aosta

Valle D'Aosta

Discovering the Rhêmes Valley

Located within the Gran Paradiso National Park in the Aosta Valley, Val di Rhêmes – 1628 meters above sea level

Valle D'Aosta

What to do in Saint-Oyen

Saint-Oyen is a small village located at 1373 meters above sea level, characterized by beautiful little houses in the Aosta

Valle D'Aosta

Visiting the Fortress of Bard

The Fortress of Bard is an imposing military structure, built in 1830 on a fortress at the entrance to the

Valle D'Aosta

Benevolo Refuge (Rhêmes Valley)

Wonderful hike in the Rhêmes Valley, which can also be hiked with children, with frequent chances to spot marmots! The

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