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Val di Rabbi: what to do and where to stay

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Val di Rabbi is a characteristic alpine valley in Trentino, nestled in the heart of the Stelvio National Park and located laterally to Val di Sole.

We really like Val di Rabbi because it offers tranquillity, nature walks suitable for the whole family, and stays in beautiful farms with mouth-watering breakfasts.

Between waterfalls, suspension bridges, hearty lunches in the mountain huts and children’s playgrounds, Val di Rabbi really excited us, and in this article you will find our suggestions for organising several beautiful family days out.

What to see in Val di Rabbi

Tibetan bridge in Val di Rabbi

val di rabbi

If you suffer from vertigo, the Tibetan suspension bridge in Val di Rabbi, with a height of 60 metres and a length of 100 metres, may not be for you.

If not, it is a beautiful and easy excursion that you can also do with your children as, although the bridge wobbles a little during the walk, it is completely safe, even for small children.

The good news is that it can only be walked in one direction, so once you have crossed, you will have to descend by following another path.

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Waterfalls of Saènt

saent waterfall

Saènt waterfalls are very beautiful, a natural spectacle that can be reached from various points in Val di Rabbi, with more or less long paths.

The last stretch is a bit more challenging because of the steps, but still doable with children, and leads to a closer look at the waterfall, so watch out for splashing! Go to full article

Val di Rabbi: Valorz waterfalls and Kneipp path

Excursion to the Valorz waterfalls

rabbi valley

The starting point is the locality of San Bernardo: leave the Kneipp path behind and take the asphalted path going uphill, Sentiero Valorz, following the signpost n 121.

Shortly before arriving at the start of the trail, you will find a free car park where you can leave your car.

The loop trail leading to the waterfalls is just over 2km long in total with an altitude difference of 270 metres, and is not suitable for buggies. Count on a couple of hours to cover it all.

Very interesting along the way are the 7 works of art depicting the animals that inhabit these mountains, such as foxes, deer and bears, made from interwoven branches by local sculptor Misseroni.

Kneipp path

kneipp path

Once you have completed the Valorz theme ring, you can drop by the St Bernard playground, which is very pretty, and the Kneipp path, indulging in a moment of relaxation.

The Kneipp path consists of a green area where flowers and deckchairs with a view of the valley invite you to relax.

The special feature of this route is the possibility of walking barefoot through a stream of (very cool) water and over natural materials of different consistencies (pebbles, bark, etc.).

▶ We had already tested a similar experience, in a small way, at the Sarnacli Mountain Park in Andalo.

Walking barefoot strengthens the foot muscles, and being able to immerse them in cold water gives the circulation a nice boost.

The result is a feeling of light legs and well-being for the entire organism.

Admission to the Kneipp path is subject to a charge and the fee is €4.00 for adults, €2.00 for children aged 4-11, free for children under 11.

There is free admission for Trentino Guest Card holders. For the visit, count approximately one hour.

For up-to-date timetables, have a look at the official website.

Molino Ruatti

Molino Ruatti is an old water mill, still in working order, with an adjoining house-museum where the family of millers used to live.

A guided tour inside the mill, which is located in Pracorno di Rabbi, leads to knowledge of the original machinery and the history of the family that ran the mill.

In addition, the Mulino Ruatti Association offers interesting workshops for children, to be booked in advance, at a cost of €6.00.

A great idea to spend a few hours indoors perhaps on a rainy day!

The fee for the guided tour is €5.00 full price, €2.00 reduced, free for 0-5 years.

For all information, please call 339 8665415 or email [email protected]

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Lunch in a malga

rabbi valley

There are more than 300malghe’ (shepherd’s huts) in Trentino still active today.

What better way to capture the soul of a place by tasting traditional products directly where they are born!

Milk, cheese, but also an authentic and full-bodied cuisine to be savoured surrounded by nature.

Some malghe can be reached by short walks or even by shuttle bus, others by more demanding treks.

Some have a play area for children, others have plenty of farmyard animals to stroke.

In any case, in all the Trentino malgas where we have been, we have always found plenty of authenticity and having lunch in a malga is definitely one of the things to do, in our opinion, if you are on holiday in Val di Rabbi.

Where to sleep in Val di Rabbi

B&B Mas di Zonadi – Possibility of staying in a double room or in the studio with kitchenette. The farmhouse is really tastefully renovated and the breakfast is excellent! – See here.

B&B Il Sorriso Dei Nonni – Very welcoming managers and breakfast with exceptional local products. Free parking and possibility to use the kitchen to prepare your own lunch or dinner – See here.

Agritur Maso Ciprianna B&B – Fabulous location in the countryside, excellent starting point for trekking in the valley, without necessarily taking the car. Excellent breakfast included and possibility to prepare meals in the shared kitchen See here.

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