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Raffaele Georgia Camilla e Arianna in una delle tante escursioni

❞Don't tell me how old you are or how educated or cultured you are, tell me where you have traveled and what you know❞

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Georgia a pharmacist and mountain trekking enthusiast, and Raffaele an IT systems engineer and mountain biking enthusiast.

We share a passion for travel, good Italian food but also a curiosity to try new foods that we have never disdained to taste in our adventures around the world.

For 20 years we have been organizing trips for ourselves and for friends who need some advice.

When our little girls, Camilla and Arianna, were born, we thought we wouldn’t be able to travel for a while… actually, with good organization, we have accomplished many adventures with them as well!

In fact, it’s even nicer to travel with them because sometimes we take a lot of things for granted while traveling with our daughters makes us excited by making us a little bit children again. And for them, too, these are unique experiences that we hope will enrich their life baggage.

So the desire to open our travelogues to share our experiences and to give some useful information or simply some ideas to families who, like us, want to plan a trip with their children has begun.

So in our blog you will find trips designed and made with our little girls, ideas and tips for traveling with the family, mountain treks suitable for little walkers and a section on Genoa, our city, and its surroundings.