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Where to admire the Foliage in Liguria


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The English term foliage is commonly used to refer to the changing colour of tree leaves during the autumn season.

The leaves change from green to yellow, red and brown and then fall, forming a soft carpet on the path.

Walking in the woods is wonderful in any season, but surely, for the lazy ones or if there are children, going in search of foliage – and chestnuts – can be an incentive to get some exercise. And to learn to love and admire nature in any season of the year.

In this article, therefore, you will find the best places to admire foliage in Liguria.

Where to admire the Foliage in Liguria

As the first cold weather arrives and the hours of daylight decrease , the supply of water and mineral salts inside the leaf decreases .

Progressively, chlorophyll, the pigment that gives the green colour, also decreases.

The result is the chromatic change of the foliage – foliage in fact – which, as a result of these events, detaches and falls.

Liguria is rich in beech, chestnut, larch and birch forests, so you can find many places to admire the warm autumn colours. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful ones.

Antola Regional Natural Park

Where to admire the Foliage in Liguria
The path leading to Monte Reale

There are several paths where you can admire the foliage inside the Antola Park.

The best known is certainly the path around Lake Brugneto, the largest artificial lake in Liguria.

The Brugneto Ring is a demanding trek as it is 14 kilometres long and has an altitude difference of 500 metres, but one does not necessarily have to do it all to admire the foliage.

You can also go in search of chestnuts.

The Bosco delle Fate (Fairy Wood ) in Fontanigorda is also located in a beautiful faggette that changes colour in autumn.

Here, you can find a beautiful children’s playground and several paths of varying degrees of difficulty.

We move on to Castello della Pietra in Vobbia: two paths to reach the top, and a beautiful beech and chestnut forest where you can admire the foliage and pick the sweet autumn fruits.

Moreover, until 29 October, it is possible to visit the castle inside.

Another beautiful excursion that can be made within the Antola Park is to Lago della Nava in Vallescura.

At this time of year, the lake is little more than a pool of water, but the excursion in autumn is worthwhile to admire the foliage and, if equipped with a pass, to collect mushrooms.

Finally, you can take the path leading to Monte Reale. The hike starts at Minceto and runs for a couple of kilometres under a beautiful faggette. The colours of the forest are wonderful.

On the summit of Monte Reale, in addition to admiring a splendid panorama, you can find an equipped refuge that is open all year round.

Beigua Regional Natural Park

The Badia di Tiglieto Ring in Beigua Park

Even the woods of the Beigua Regional Natural Park in Liguria turn into a kaleidoscope of colours in the autumn period.

Within this beautiful park, the most popular routes to admire the foliage are those in Pratorotondo. For example, the excursion to Monte Rama is very beautiful.

Or you can walk the Badia di Tiglieto Ring, 7.5 kilometres long and with an altitude difference of 193 metres.

Along the way, the path skirts a canyon and the panorama is truly suggestive.

Also worth mentioning are theDeiva Forest Ring, in the municipality of Sassello, and the Faiallo Pass, which connects to the paths of theAlta Via dei Monti Liguri.

The excursion to Monte Rama from Pratorotondo

Aveto Regional Natural Park

Where to admire the Foliage in Liguria
The refuge on Monte Caucaso

The Aveto Park also lends itself to several beautiful walks admiring the autumn foliage .

One of these is the easy walk from Barbagelata to the summit of Monte Caucaso. Here, among other things, you can enjoy an exceptional panorama from the sea to the Alps.

And you can also eat something at the refuge.

Another spectacular place in the Aveto Park is Lago delle Lame, which, in fact, conquers all year round.

For those who do not know it, Lago delle Lame is a splendid glacial lake formed around 20,000 years ago.

Adjacent to the lake is the Museo del Bosco, a permanent exhibition dedicated to the forests of the Aveto Park, located beneath a beautiful faggot tree that takes on its characteristic warm colours in autumn.

You can also admire the foliage on the path leading to the Ravezza waterfall. The hike is just over 2 kilometres long (one way) with an estimated time of 1 hour.

Alternatively, you can walk the Anello del Monte Zatta from the Passo del Bocco, along a path through one of the most beautiful faggots in Liguria.

lake lame
The Lago delle Lame in the Aveto Park

Where to admire the Foliage in Liguria: Cinque Terre National Park

Although the typical vegetation of the Cinque Terre National Park is mainly composed of evergreen plants – like all coastal environments – the presence of vineyards makes the foliage phenomenon truly unique.

The terraced hillsides where vines, olive trees and lemons are cultivated turn red during the harvest period and the contrast with the blue of the sea is truly evocative.

The autumn period, moreover, is the ideal season to go trekking by the sea since, in the summer season, it is really very hot.

Portofino Park


The Portofino Park is a protected natural area that extends above the famous harbour of the village of the same name.

Several paths radiate through the park, crossing the promontory.

Here, too, the vegetation is affected by the proximity to the sea, and is characterised mostly by maritime pines and holm oaks, but if you go a little deeper into the woods, you can find hazelnut and chestnut groves.

To admire the foliage, you can walk to the route of the aqueduct, which dates back to the end of the 19th century.

The departure point is San Rocco di Camogli and the hike is suitable for experienced hikers.

Another hike that allows you to admire the foliage and collect chestnuts is the one that leads to Mount Portofino.

Foliage in Liguria: Montemarcello Park

The Montemarcello Park is a protected natural area in the province of La Spezia. To admire the foliage, you can walk the paths from Lerici up to the Caprione promontory and down to Bocca di Magra .

Here you can find mainly downy oaks and turkey oaks, in a magical natural environment.

You can also admire the foliage along the course of the Vara river.


The Valfontanabuona is located in the hinterland of the Tigullio Gulf, east of the province of Genoa.

Here one can witness a particular foliage in fact the typical autumn colours can be seen in the Scimiscià.

Scimiscià is one of Liguria’s rare native vines whose leaves turn yellow and red during the autumn period.

The term Scimiscià – cimiciato, i.e. dotted – derives from the presence of small dots on the berry.

This white grape variety, now almost completely abandoned, was recovered and included in 2003 among the recommended and authorised varieties for the Liguria region.

Where to admire the Foliage in Liguria: Altopiano delle Manie

The Altopiano delle Manie is a fairy-tale place located at an altitude of about 285 metres, between the Finale Ligure and Spotorno areas.

Here numerous paths wind their way through woods of holm oaks and chestnut trees that in autumn turn yellow and red in contrast to the shades of the colours of the vineyards by the sea.

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