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What medications to bring to the mountains


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Since we travel with the girls, we pay special attention to having everything we need in our suitcase so that we can take care of ourselves without necessarily wasting time searching for a pharmacy.

In this article, we will specifically focus on the list of medicines and medical supplies to have in the backpack during a mountain trek even with children in tow.

Medications and garrisons for mountain trip

Alcoholic hand gel. By now with the pandemic we are all used to having a small packet of it in the bag; in this case it might be useful to have the hands disinfected before proceeding with a dressing.

Wipes impregnated with disinfectant for wounds and injured skin. They take up little space and are most useful for cleaning a graze on, for example, your child’s knee following a fall.

Classic plasters (with disinfectant pad) and hydrocolloid-based plasters (in case of blisters). The former protect a wound, cut, etc., the latter prevent the formation of strands and blisters by forming a second layer of skin. There are also anti-friction sticks that, when applied to undamaged skin, should prevent new blisters from forming (doubtful effectiveness).

Elastic bandages. For use, for example, to lock an ankle in case of a sprain. These bandages are self-locking means that they wrap around themselves without the need for hooks to secure them.

Instant ice. This can be useful in case of a fall or sprain. It is a disposable bag that, only after activating the chemical reaction, becomes cold and remains so for about twenty minutes.

Sterile physiological water. This is a plastic vial that takes up little space and can be used to wash a wound (perhaps from the ground, in which case you will also need a sachet of sterile gauze tablets), or to decongest the eyes.

Nasal swabs. These are swabs impregnated with a coagulant, very useful for stopping nasal bleeding.

Other medications

Sticks or anti-puncture cream. There are several types on the market, from soothing/refreshing without ammonia for toddlers, to antihistamines (against itching), to cortisone (if there is also inflammation and swelling).

Mineral salts. I am not a fan of these supplements, or at least I do not conceive of their use when not strictly necessary.

The name says it, they go to replenish the loss of minerals (especially magnesium and potassium) during exertion and excessive sweating.

So if you do not plan to go on a particularly strenuous hike, it will be sufficient to drink an adequate amount of water and take some fruit with you.

To this list of medications and medical supplies to bring to the mountains, I would still add a blister pack of pain reliever/anti-inflammatory (watch the dose in case of children) and your usual therapy medications (if you have any).

I also always carry a few cortisone tablets in case of a sudden allergy to a plant or insect bite.

See your doctor because you will need a prescription to buy some medications.

What medications to bring to the mountains. Commercially ready-made kits

There are ready-made kits on the market, which are very convenient because they are complete with everything you may need during your treks (except for the medication, which must be bought at the pharmacy).

I point out the ones that in my opinion are the best.

What medications to bring to the mountains

Fairly compact handbag (size 26x7x15h cm);

It also contains a digital thermometer;

We like it because it is made in Italy;

Link below 👇

Kit for trekking

Truly compact (size 10x5x5h cm);

Willing to have the loop to attach it to the belt;

Link below 👇


These two kits are a bit more professional and can address the needs of the whole family. The next two we point out, on the other hand, are equally useful but aimed at little travelers who are fans of Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol.

Kit Peppa Pig

Fun and compact (7x3x9h cm);

Contains band-aids, wipes, thermometer, gauze and courage rosette;

Link below 👇

Kit Paw Patrol

Package the same size as a box of band-aids only;

Contains disinfectant-impregnated wipes, sterile gauze pads, and different sized band-aids;

Link below 👇



This is my personal list of medications and medical supplies that cannot be missed during a trek.

If you have any questions or need to purchase prescription medications, always consult your primary care physician and pharmacist.

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