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Agritourism La Tchavana at Alpe Métsan


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Agritourism La Tchavana is located at Alpe Métsan, a panoramic plateau at an altitude of 2000 metres, in the heart of the Val d’Ayas.

A visit to the agritourism is an absolute must-see in the Aosta Valley for the following reasons:

  • the trek is simple and suitable for the whole family
  • the panorama is truly suggestive
  • the food is wonderful
  • you can admire many farm animals
  • you can visit the cheese cave
  • you can participate in various activities.

We are in love with the Aosta Valley and come back every year in search of new experiences in nature and outdoor activities.

Agritourism La Tchavana is a real gem that deserves to be discovered both for its cuisine, based on local products, and for the beauty of the Alpine landscape in which it is located.

Below you will find a description, complete with GPX track, of the route starting from Mandriou (shorter) and the one starting from Barmasc (slightly longer).

Let’s set off!

ru courtod

La Tchavana how to get there

La Tchavana is located at Alpe Metsan, in the municipality of Ayas, and is easily reached on foot from various locations.

From Mandriou to La Tchavana

Technical specifications

Departure altitude – 1856 mt.

Arrival altitude – 2000 mt.

Length of the route – 1500 mt.

Height difference – 170 mt.

Time taken – 0h30 (0h45/1h with children).


Mandriou is located about 3 kilometres north-east of the municipal capital Antagnod.

Shortly before arriving at the village, you will see a sign on the left indicating the way to La Tchavana on the inter-country road.

Ignore it and continue for a couple more bends until you reach the village.

Park your car at the side of the road and continue on foot, passing the pretty little church with its frescoed façade, and then take Route de Barat (path No. 3).

little church of mandriou
the beginning
route to tchavana at alpe metsan

The route proceeds uphill without any particular difficulty, most of the time in the shade of trees.

Once out of the forest, go over a small bridge (point of intersection with the path coming from Barmasc) and continue uphill for a few more minutes, arriving at La Tchavana at Alpe Métsan in about half an hour from the start.

agritourism la tchavana

Although the itinerary is short, hiking boots are indispensable to tackle the route in peace.

The hike is also suitable for small children.

We, with girls of just under 3 and 5 (who are used to walking), took about 40 minutes.

From Barmasc to la Tchavana

Technical specifications

Departure altitude: Barmasc 1898 mt.

Arrival altitude: La Tchavana 2000 mt.

Height difference: 180 mt.

Length: 5600 mt.

Time taken: 1h/1h30 (with children an extra half hour).


ru courtod

The itinerary from Barmasc runs along ru Courtaud on a path just over 5 kilometres long.

This walk is also suitable for the whole family, but due to the length of the total route, it is recommended for children who are a little more trained.

▶ For the complete itinerary starting from the Barmasc car park and reaching La Tchavana in about 1h30 minutes, you can read this article.

La Tchavana

la tchavana

La Tchavana is a wonderful farmhouse with an adjoining dairy built in a cave, constructed of stone and wood.

Here, the constant humidity allows for a perfect maturing of the cheeses that the farm produces. The cave is open to the public and can be visited!

the cave at la tchavana

Not far away, there is an artificial lake, and the stable that houses sheep, pigs, chickens, cows and horses.

Once you arrive at the farmhouse, you can have lunch or a snack at indoor or outdoor tables, and relax on deck chairs.

the small lake
horse at la tchavana
picnic table

After refreshments, you can also take part in some of the activities organised by the farm, such as milking their cows and sheep, or a guided tour of the dairy.


The Tchavana menu

The farm’s specialities are mountain pasture cheeses, accompanied by cured meats, polenta and stew, and, to end on a high note, ice-cream, yoghurt and whipped cream, accompanied by berries.

We snacked on all three variants and I can say that it has been a long time since I have tasted homemade products with such a high quality of raw materials.

ice cream with fruits

Moreover, if taken after a meal, the whipped cream cup can easily be split in two so abundant is it.

Finally, as a souvenir of the day, we bought some Fontina valdostana and Bon Bleu of Sheep produced by them (excellent) which can also be found on the official online store.

Useful information

Summer opening from June to 1 November every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Winter opening from December to 1 May, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Check the updated opening hours on the official website.

Contact: ( 39) 347 7347523 / [email protected]

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