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Leolandia: 10 information for visiting

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Initially we were a bit hesitant to go to Leolandia park because our daughter was only 2 1/2 years old.

She actually had a great time and it was an enjoyable day for us parents as well. Below we will point you to the 10 pieces of information you will need to best organize your trip to Leolandia park.

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From what age to go and how long to stay?

Leolandia is an amusement park suitable for children 2 years, 2 1/2 years up to approximately 10 years of age.

However, it depends a lot on the child in the sense that if you know that your 2-year-old is a bit fearful and moreover you are arriving from a distance, it is better to postpone the visit for when he can enjoy the thousands of attractions that the park offers.

TO KNOW – Almost all attractions are accessible to children at least 90 cm tall. Each attraction carries a sign indicating whether the child can enter alone or must be accompanied by the parent.

How much time to spend inside the park?

For a 2 to 3-year-old child, one day in our opinion is enough time to enjoy the games intended for his or her age.

We stayed from 11 am on Saturday morning until 6 pm in the evening, after which our daughter collapsed. If your child is older, on the other hand, you can plan to stay the whole weekend, surely there will be no boredom!

It may be helpful to know that inside the park you can rent a stroller (7euro for the whole day).

Leolandia 10 information for visit: when to go

The advice is to plan a mid-week visit when it is less crowded and if possible in May or September because in the middle of summer it is really hot. We went the last weekend in May and it was 32 degrees!

Leolandia: how to get there and where to park

Leolandia amusement park is located in Capriate San Gervasio, in the province of Bergamo. There is a parking fee; it is 5 euros for the whole day.

If you do not want to pay for parking, you might consider leaving your car in the parking lot of the Brembate Shopping Center, which is 500m from the entrance to Leolandia.

Can you save money on tickets purchases? What if it rains?

Yes, you can save money by buying your ticket online at the Leolandia website with a “fixed date” option. What it means. Leolandia gives you the option to buy the ticket with “free date” option and with “fixed date” option.

“Free date” means you can buy the ticket without choosing the date in advance; it is more expensive (47.50 euros adult, 42.50 reduced*) but with children it can be an option to consider.

“Fixed date” on the other hand means that you have to choose in advance the date on which you will go to the park, and this option is much more convenient because by booking in advance you can pay the full ticket 28.50 euros and the reduced 26.50.

*Reduced price is for children with height 90-119cm, law enforcement officers, over 65, pregnant women and carers of disabled people with 100% disability. Under 89cm (measuring the child with shoes on) the ticket is free.

The ticket can also be purchased the same morning at the ticket office and costs a couple of euros more.

What if it rains instead?

Leolandia gives you the opportunity to enter and enjoy all the attractions that can be done indoors.

If it continues to rain during the day, it will give you a ticket for a new admission to use within a month.

▶ I found the tickets offered by the Tiqets booking portal very convenient, with free cancellation by 11:59 p.m. the day before and a second admission freeCheck it out here.

Leolandia: how to dress

It depends on the season you are going. For winter, a waterproof cape might be useful if you plan to play games on the water.

For summer, on the other hand, the advice might be to bring a change of clothes and a towel of light ones to quickly rub your hair.

You might also be interested in How to dress in the mountains.

For the little ones also a change of swimsuit and a pair of rubber sandals (so they don’t get their shoes wet and slip when they paw in the water), all to be stuffed into a waterproof bag so they don’t get the rest of the bag wet.

Expecting to have to queue a bit at the various attractions, you may also need a hat on hot days and sunscreen.

Leolandia: where to eat

If you have packed lunch, there are 2 areas with tables, one near the Thomas Train and one next to Peppa Pig’s House.

There are areas equipped with high chairs where you can warm up baby food or bottles for the little ones.

If you want to eat at the restaurant, there are several scattered all over the place and offer anything and everything (pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, etc.).

There are several drinking water fountains inside the park.

Leolandia tickets how dress
Photo Bing e Flop

Leolandia: where to sleep

The cheapest offer they propose is the package of 2 days at the park + one night in a hotel at a price of 49.90 euros (per person).

We found some limitations when booking i.e., the portal crashes and does not let you proceed with the booking if you have more than one child with a height less than 90 cm.

Same if you try to book two communicating rooms, one for the parents with a child under 90 cm and the other communicating for the eldest child, because the system wants both children to be over 90 cm tall.

Last consideration, normally small children who sleep in the crib with bars in the same room as the parents do not pay, instead in this case, making several simulations on the portal, 2 parents with 1 child with height less than 90 cm, always pay 49.90 for 3 for a total then of 150 euros.

To conclude, the package proposed by Leolandia is very advantageous if you have “big” children who would pay for both the entrance to the park and a possible overnight stay in the hotel, instead with a small child the matter is a bit to be evaluated.

Where to sleep near Leolandia

B2In Suite & Office – Perfect solution because it stays within a 300-meter walk of Leolandia. These are family suites with private kitchens, with parking and breakfast included – Book here.

Leolandia: do people queue up?

The park is well organized however you have to keep in mind that there can be a bit of queuing especially on weekends and for the most famous attractions such as the Thomas Train, Mediterranea, Miners Train (we queued for an hour here) or to have our picture taken with the celebrities.

In July and August you can even get up to an hour and a half/two hours in line so the advice is to go straight to the games you are interested in so that you are sure you can make it and leave the ones you have less interest in for later.

Leolandia tickets how dress
The house of Masha and the Bear

Leolandia: what to do inside the park

The park offers different attractions for all tastes and ages. Our daughter loved the ride on the Thomas Train, the rides on the horses, shooting water from cannons on the galleons of Mediterranea, jumping on the trampolines.

And of course she couldn’t miss the show with her favorite characters, Bing, the Superpiggies, Miraculous and a visit to Masha and Bear’s house.

There are also a couple of areas with fountains that spray water, useful for cooling off as well as pawing and splashing water with the other children!

In addition to the rides, inside the park there is a reptile house, an aquarium, a farm and the minitalia.

Conclusion: Is the ticket worth the expense?

Absolutely! Admission to Leolandia park is a bit expensive, it is true, especially if your child is still small. We first wondered if it was worth it, but the balance at the end of the day was absolutely positive.

We spent a pleasant, carefree day among a thousand attractions and surrounded by our little girl’s most beloved characters. Definitely an experience we will repeat next year as well!

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