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Egg hunting? At PuraVida Farm you can!

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PuraVida Farm is a fantastic 35,000 square metre park located in San Martino Siccomario, in the province of Pavia.

In the autumn, Puravida hosts the Village of the Pumpkins, the first American-style village in northern Italy, and in the spring, the Village of the Eggs, born of an American and Nordic tradition where, at Easter time, the egg is valued as a symbol of birth.

So, let’s discover the Egg Village, with all the information you need to plan your visit.

puravida farm

Egg Village dates 2024

The Egg Village is open every weekend (and on Easter Monday), in the period from 9 March to 7 April 2024, from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Admission fee

The ticket price is €15.00 per adult and child over the age of 3, free for children aged 0-3.

Due to the short opening period, there is always a high attendance at the Park, so we recommend purchasing your ticket online.

If you wish, you can choose it with a change of date, at a surcharge of €3.00.

In this case, the ticket can be changed by 23:59 on the day before the visit, subject to availability.

Non-refundable tickets are transferable to third parties , so if at the last minute you are unable to go, you can resell them or give them away because they have no name.

How to save on ticket purchases

It may be useful to know that if you are in possession of the Viviparchi card, you can benefit from a 20% discount on the purchase of tickets. More information HERE.

Egg Village: what to expect

The Egg Village is a large park with old trees and children’s games .

Each day is dedicated to a particular theme such as alpacas, grazing sheep, rabbits, etc., and there is always a fun egg hunt where children have to go in search of coloured eggs containing candies and chocolates.

There are also creative workshops and an educational farm with geese, hens and rabbits.

Egg Village 2024
Egg hunt – Credit PuraVida

PuraVida Farm games

Below is a list of the games at the PuraVida Farm.

There are three types of inflatables, two for children over the age of 3, and one for younger children.

Then there is the circuit of electric and pedal tractors, and jeeps.

It continues with the mechanical bull, medieval games, Corn Hole, and the Labyrinth, which is a path through wooden fences.

The pony ride is very nice, perfect for small children or as a saddle christening.

We also enjoyed the pedalo ride with the life jacket and the little boats in the pool (maximum child weight 35 kg).

Egg Village 2024
Egg Village 2024

Where to have lunch at the PuraVida Farm

Inside the PuraVida, there are several eating places where you can get something to eat (from grilled meat to packaged ice cream).

For those who would like to have lunch at the restaurant, Alla Lanca offers slightly more elaborate dishes and pizzas (the calzoni are delicious).

Reservations are compulsory at 03821727818.

What to do if it rains

The Egg Village remains open even in the rain, so if you decide not to go, your ticket will not be refunded.

▶ Tickets are only refunded if the village is closed.

Most attractions are outdoors, but there are also some activities under tents.

In case of bad weather, rain boots against mud may be useful.


The Egg Village at PuraVida Farm is a theme park aimed, in our opinion, at families with children up to 7/8 years old.

An older child might get bored.

Inside the park, however, we noticed several couples enjoying themselves even without children in tow!

In any case, it remains a pleasant amusement park where you can spend a day with family or friends, and where you can return in autumn when the star of the village becomes the pumpkin!

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