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Cowboyland: a journey of Indians and cowboys. Dates updated to 2024


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Cowboyland is a Western-themed amusement park located in Voghera, in the province of Pavia. It is the first and only park of its kind in Italy and among the few in the World.

Cowboyland is located inside an American “Ranch” that covers more than 100,000 sq. m. and, in addition to the amusement park, houses a Tex-Mex restaurant open for lunch and dinner, a Saloon open in the evening, a Theme Hotel and an indoor PalaTexas arena for events and shows. For equestrian enthusiasts, there is a stable with horses and a store selling clothing and other items.

In addition to the attractions, there are many animals such as chickens, llamas, baby goats, and then the impressive bison characteristic of the prairies of the United States of America, and of course the horses that are the undisputed stars of the park.

Below is all the information you need to spend a day with your family at Cowboyland amusement park.

cowboyland horses

Cowboyland: what to do

Cowboyland covers an area of 30,000 sq. m. so don’t be frightened if there is a bit of a queue to get in because inside people spread out among the various attractions and you can get around without any problems. The most significant queues you might have are to ride the roller coaster and to take the horse ride.

A map of the park is provided at the entrance, and a large blackboard shows show times.

The ride is free, there is no “required” route, and you are always accompanied by country music in the background.

Inside you can find a variety of attractions such as:

  • rides such as the Gold Mine Train (a roller coaster), the Cowboyland Railroad (a small train that slips into an old gold mine), Indian River (a canoe ride), and the Tepee Canoe (a kind of galleon that sways). Except for the toy train, for all other rides the child must be at least 3 years old.
  • stable with horses in the various stalls and a small room where rodeo films are shown;
  • corral with bison, cows, goats, deer, chickens, llamas, and horses. Several signs stress the importance of not feeding the animals or petting them as they may bite; the only ones that can be petted are the baby goats.
  • playground in the shade of trees;
  • arena where you can watch shows with cowboys and horses;
  • stalls with shooting gallery;
  • small track where you can ride a pony or horse if you exceed 140 cm in height.
cowboyland entrance
cowboyland show
cowboyland Railroad
cowboyland stable
cowboyland playground
cowboyland indian river
cowboyland saloon
cowboyland horse

Where to buy tickets

Tickets are bought at the ticket office, inside the park, on the day of the visit. We recommend arriving at opening time because a lot of lines can form, including for parking.

Tickets cost 19.50 adult, 16.50 the reduced for children ages 3 to 11, free under 3.

The ticket includes all attractions, admission to the rides and a horse or pony ride depending on age.

Some games, such as the shooting gallery, cost an extra fee of about 1.00 euro or so.

A wristband is slipped onto your wrist at the entrance so that you can enter and leave freely.

How to save on ticket purchases

If you have the Viviparchi Card, you can enjoy a 15% discount on tickets purchased at the park’s ticket counters. I talk about this in more detail HERE.

From what age to go

Cowboyland is indicated for ages 3 to 11. Keep in mind that the rides are very simple, they thrilled our daughter and her almost 4-year-old friend so I imagine they might like them until age 7/8 after which they bore.

The horseback riding, shows and general FarWest setting might intrigue even a slightly older child of about 8/9 years old.

We saw many families where the most enthusiastic were the parents, so it’s all very relative!

cowboyland pony

Opening hours and how long to stay in Cowboyland

Cowboyland reopens to the public on 16 March 2024 and will close on 03 November 2024.

Opening hours are 10:00-18:30, all weekends and holidays.

The day flies by inside the park, count at least 5 hours. We stayed from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. attending at 4:30 p.m. a fun show with cowboys. They even let us taste chili con carne!

How to get there and where to park

Cowboyland is a 10-minute drive from the Voghera highway exit. It has a large paid parking lot (3 euros for the entire day).

Better prepare change in advance because the queues you will encounter at the entrance are due to the fact that there is a parking attendant who takes the money, issues the invoice and indicates where to go.

Address – Via Tullio Morato, 27058 Voghera PV
Phone – 0383 364631

For all info, check out the official website.


Where to eat

At the entrance to the park there is a restaurant with indoor seating and a small cafe with outdoor tables.

Since it was a beautiful day, we decided to sit outside and ordered hamburgers (7 euros), chicken nuggets, roasted corn on the cob and fries (all 4 euros). Average food except for the nuggets which were really good.

There is another little cafe inside the park where you can find mostly packaged food such as brioches, popsicles, ice cream, and soft drinks.

At these tables (and many others scattered around the park), you can also eat lunch brought from home while the tables at the entrance are for the exclusive use of the bar.

cowboyland lunch

Where to sleep

Within the Ranch, there is a hotel with rooms, also Western-themed, whose prices range from 120.00 euro for a double, to 170.00 euro for a quadruple.

There are Park+Hotel packages (2 days at the park and 1 night at the hotel), ranging from 159.00 euro for 2 persons, to 219.00 euro for 4 persons.

If you are not interested in the second entrance or want to save a little, about 4 km from the park is the Altrentatre B&B equipped with family rooms, parking and breakfast included. Book here.

cowboyland bison

When to go to Cowboyland and conclusions

In summer, the Voghera Plain has barely tolerable humidity so in my opinion spring is the ideal season to plan a visit to the park.

The park is well turned around, there are several restrooms and nursery with changing table. However, we did not find drinking fountains where we could fill our water bottle.

In Cowboyland we found a slice of the American FarWest that we have been fortunate enough to know on our previous trips to America: setting, country music, cuisine, everything brings back the lifestyle of cowboys and American Indians.

The park offers several attractions and is definitely worth a visit to spend a slightly different day with your family!

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