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Cervia International Kite Festival 2024: everyone’s nose in the air!


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50 delegations from 5 continents, more than 250 artists, 43 years of activity: this is the 2024 Cervia Kite Festival, the longest-running international kite festival.

The undisputed protagonists are precisely the kites of all colours and sizes that colour the skies of the Romagna town, consecrating it the ‘world capital of the art of wind’.

The art of kite flying was born more than 2,500 years ago and since 1981 Artevento, through the Kite Festival, has been committed to celebrating peace, creativity and diversity by combining the symbol of the kite with reflection on the theme of sustainability and respect for the environment.

Let’s take a detailed look at what to expect from this festival that opens the beach season in Cervia and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.

Cervia International Kite Festival 2024

Cervia International Kite Festival 2024: what to do

The Cervia International Kite Festival is the first event dedicated to the art of kite flying in the world: here, on the beach at Pinarella, one can admire hundreds of colourful kites of many types, e.g. sporting, acrobatic, ethnic, historical, etc.

Looking up into the sky at these colourful wonders with your nose in the air, the feeling you get is one of serenity and light-heartedness.

If you wish, there are stands where you can buy a kite and fly it yourself.

Inflatables and trampolines are also available for the little ones to enjoy.

In addition to the flying displays, the Cervia Kite Festival hosts exhibitions, night-time events, educational workshops for adults and children, and music. In short, lots of fun for the whole family!

Each year the festival awards a‘Special Prize for Flying Merits‘ to those who have brought a positive message contributing to peace and brotherhood among peoples, in line with the Artevento philosophy .

Cervia International Kite Festival 2024
Cervia International Kite Festival 2024
Cervia International Kite Festival 2024
Cervia International Kite Festival 2024

Useful info on the Cervia Kite Festival 2024: where to park, access with buggies

The festival is free and takes place on the beach of Pinarella in Cervia from 20 April to 1 May 2024.

Around the beach there are several small streets and squares where you can park freely.

There are walkways on the beach, but in general access with a pushchair is not very easy on the fine sand.

The complete programme with timetables and events can be picked up on the day at the Artevento reception.

cervia by night

Kite Festival: where to stay

We recommend booking your hotel well in advance because in the vicinity of the festival, the price rises exponentially.

The Residence Hotel Venus Suites is the perfect solution for a family because it offers family rooms with kitchenette, just over a kilometre from the beach at Pinarella. Book here.

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