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The most beautiful beaches in the Trebbia Valley


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Living in Genoa, when we want to go for a swim in the summertime we are spoilt for choice.

But we also love the Trebbia Valley with its picturesque villages and small lakes, which are ideal for cooling off from the summer heat and avoiding the queues of the Ligurian Riviera.

Ernest Hemingway called the Trebbia Valley the most beautiful valley in the world, and today we will take you to the most beautiful beaches in the Trebbia Valley where you can spend a relaxing day with your family.

Trebbia Valley: the most beautiful beaches

The real protagonist of the Trebbia Valley is undoubtedly the river of the same name and the small beaches that punctuate its course, in an almost unspoilt natural environment.

Trebbia River has its source on the slopes of Monte Prelà, south of Monte Antola, and flows into the Po River in the Po Valley, crossing the entire province of Piacenza.

The most evocative stretch is the one that runs from Bobbio to Ponte Organasco (in the direction of Genoa) where the Trebbia meanders through the valley of the same name, which is lush and wild.

Here you can find the most beautiful beaches where you can spend a relaxing day.

List of the most beautiful beaches in the Trebbia Valley

San Salvatore Meandri beach

About 6 km from Bobbio. Here is probably the most beautiful and characteristic bend of the Trebbia river, to be admired in any season!

It is not very easy to reach with children as you have to drive down a bumpy road and then ford the Trebbia at a point where the river bed is uneven.

Parking for the car is also not easy to find: you can leave it by the side of the road at the junction for San Salvatore and from there go on foot until you find the Dog Beach sign, pass it and shortly afterwards take the aforementioned downhill road through the bush.

Once at the river bed in about 15 minutes, if the current permits, you can ford the river to reach the opposite bank where you can bathe in wonderful crystal-clear water.

It may be useful to know that this area of the Trebbia is quite windy, so towards late afternoon you may need a jacket.

Anse di Brugnello beach

anse di brugnello beach

The beach, consisting of sand alternating with pebbles, is wide and the pools are quite deep.

Near the rocks the current is quite strong , so even this is not recommended for small children.

Park the car along the main road and take the steep path down to the river.

La Chiesetta Beach

So called because it is located just below the village of Brugnello, with its small church overhanging the cliff. Here, too, you have to walk about 100 metres to get to the river bed.

The village of Brugnello itself is a little gem and well worth a visit.

The best children’s beaches in the Trebbia Valley

Brugnello-Marsaglia beach

This is the best beach for children as it is immediately accessible from the large car park and there is a bar nearby.

Of course it is more crowded than other places where you have to walk, but for a family it is perfect.

The beach is wide and there is not much current; perfect for children to play in the shallow water.

La Berlina Beach

la berlina

Located about 5 kilometres from Bobbio, in the direction of Genoa. If you arrive early in the morning, you can park near the beach, otherwise you can leave your car in the lay-bys near the small road leading to the river.

The beach has stretches of sand alternating with stones and the water is clear. Throughout the summer season, there is a van selling cold drinks, sandwiches and ice cream.

Other beaches in the Trebbia Valley for children

trebbia beaches

According to my oldest friend Alice, an expert in the area, the lakes with the most beautiful puddle and the most comfortable beach for children are those located below the Poggi furniture shop, on the right (you have to go past the junction for Cassingheno).

You can leave your car in the small clearing at the side of the road and then take the path that descends to the river in a few minutes.

The small beach consists of sand and pebbles and the water is shallow. It is very intimate, but the woods are taking over and there is little space to spread your towel.

It is about 20 minutes from the village of Torriglia and about 50 minutes from the village of Bobbio.

Loco di Rovegno

loco beach

Loco di Rovegno has easy access to the Giaia beach. Here, too, the water is a wonder, crystal clear, and parking is a stone’s throw away.

Where to swim in the village of Bobbio

Ponte Gobbo beach

 bobbio beach

Also in Bobbio, you can swim at the beach below Ponte Gobbo, which is always very crowded.

You can reach the river either on foot or by car, taking the road on the left before Ponte Gobbo.

From the car park, the route to the Trebbia is quick.


Often the small beaches of the river Trebbia do not offer much shelter from the sun, so it is advisable to bring a parasol , especially if there are small children.

Few beaches have a bar or kiosk nearby where you can buy something to eat, so it is advisable to leave with a good supply of water and perhaps something for lunch.

Beach shoes are recommended for children due to the presence of pebbles.

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