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TourScanner, the World’s First Search Engine for Tours and Travel Activities


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TourScanner is a price comparison platform specifically for tours and travel activities.

With just one click, one can compare prices from over 30 online travel agencies and thus find the best offer available on the web.

Among the partners with whom TourScanner works are the industry’s most established giants such as, for example, Viator and GetYourGuide.

Let’s find out together who TourScanner is, how it works and, most importantly, whether it is reliable.

Who is TourScanner

TourScanner is a company founded in 2018 whose members are all travel enthusiasts (and how can you blame them!).

TourScanner‘s mission is precisely to simplify the way people search for the various tours offered by online agencies.

But how does TourScanner work?

TourScanner compares the prices of more than 30 online booking websites and proposes the best offer on the market.

A bit like SkyScanner does with flights of major airlines, or Discovercars with car rental.

On the TourScanner homepage, you will find the search engine where you can enter the information you are interested in: from a more general information such as a city, to a more specific query such as a particular tour.

In the case of the city, you will get the complete catalogue of activities that can be done in that city, divided by category (guided tours, tickets for monuments, food and wine experiences, outdoor activities).

In the case of a specific request such as, for example, a guided tour of the Palazzi dei Rolli in Genoa, TourScanner will show you the complete list of companies providing this service.

For Palazzi dei Rolli, they are GetYourGuide, Civitatis and Tiqets.

You will be able to find in plain text the tour company providing the guided tour, the price charged by each, and the reviews of users who have used that service, which, in my opinion, is always the most useful information.

For example, according to reviews, the best guided tour to the Rolli of Genoa is the one offered by GetYourGuide.

Is TourScanner useful, then?

Yes, in my opinion, it is very useful because, with just one click, you can have all the activities you were looking for.

Furthermore, it is completely free of charge, which means that it does not charge any extra fees or costs over and above those displayed on other sites.

What should you do at this point?

Once you have found the best option for your needs, you can choose whether to complete your purchase on TourScanner or on the travel company’s website.

In any case, TourScanner does not handle either the booking or the payment, so if you have any questions or concerns, you should contact the travel company with whom you booked or paid for the activity directly.

You can find the contact details of the major partners that TourScanner works with on the Contact Us page.

Further information

On the TourScanner website, in the top right hand corner, you can find the flag and currency icons to select from.

There are 7 languages and over 20 different currencies to choose from.

If you want to receive updates on new tours, destinations and promotions, you can subscribe to the free newsletter that comes out twice a month.

On the site, you can also find the Blog section where you can perhaps get inspiration for your next trip from the many interesting articles on offer.

My experience with TourScanner

I like to personally try out the activities I talk about in the blog.

I came across TourScanner when I was looking for tickets for Italy’s most popular amusement park, Gardaland.

With just one click, I was able to view the various ticket types and choose the one that best suited my needs (the open-date ticket).

Once again, TourScanner selected GetYourGuide as one of the best suppliers of Gardaland tickets.

Once the purchase was made on the portal, the tickets arrived immediately by email.

The online purchase allowed us to enter Gardaland by skipping the queue at the ticket counter, simply by showing the ticket on our mobile phone. Convenient, no?


TourScanner is a fairly new company, which is why there are still few reviews on the web from users.

Before writing this article, I did several simulations on their site, comparing tour prices with those charged by other online operators, and found no surcharges or discrepancies from TourScanner.

So, all in all, TourScanner is a reliable platform that allows you to compare tours and activities offered by the most popular online travel agencies and find, quickly and efficiently, the solution that best suits your needs.

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