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How to save with Viviparchi, the Family Card


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The Viviparchi Card is a pass that offers families with children attractive discounts for admission to various amusement parks and other affiliated facilities.

There are many activities offered throughout Italy that benefit from the discount.

Discounted entrances to museums, castles, aquariums, ski resorts, caves, and accommodation facilities are just a few examples.

In this article we tell you about the Viviparchi card, how it works, and how to get it.

As readers of BimbeinViaggio, you will also be able to take advantage of a great discount on the purchase of the card.

Let’s get started!

How the Viviparchi Card works

The Viviparchi Card is basically a pass that allows your childrenfree (or reduced price) entry to affiliated facilities.

To be eligible for free or discounted admission, the child must be a maximum of 12 years old, and must present him/herself with a paying parent.

So, to sum up, for every paying parent, one child gets in free or at a reduced rate.

To take advantage of the concessions, you must have a family card, which must be shown at the ticket office whenpurchasing tickets.

You can view the numerous affiliated facilities in the Viviparchi circuit on the official website.

You will see that they are subdivided by region and by type of offer (nature, winter sports, food, etc.).

In this way, you can quickly search for the activities that interest you most.

How to get the Viviparchi Card


The Viviparchi Card costs €26.00 (one card per family is sufficient) and can be purchased on the official Viviparchi website.

It has a fixed annual validity from 01 December to 30 November of the following year.

To obtain the discounts, simply present the Viviparchi card (in paper or digital format) at the cash desks of the affiliated structures, when purchasing tickets.

Itis possible to use the card several times at the same facility.

In addition, the Family Point App is available for mobile phones where you can find the agreements in detail.

How to use the discount on the purchase of the Viviparchi

As a reader of BimbeinViaggio, you can purchase the Viviparchi Card for €20.50 instead of €26.00.

Simply enter the code VIBV24 in the field reserved for discount codes when purchasing the Card.

Simple, isn’t it?

What to do in Liguria with the Card

As mentioned above, the Viviparchi Card is active throughout Italy.

I was browsing through the various activities I could do with my family in Liguria, and my eye fell on Le Caravelle Aquatic Park, which offers a discount of € 3.50 on the entrance ticket for each member of the family. Not bad.

Awaiting confirmation are the discounts for admission to the Aquarium, the Galata Museo del Mare, the Bigo and the Biosphere.

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