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How to dress children in the mountains

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In the mountains, you know, the weather can change very quickly. You can start with a deep blue sky and then arrive at lunchtime with clouds looming ominously and the echo of thunder.

Below, you will find our best tips on how to dress children in the mountains (which is then a general rule that applies to the whole family).

How to dress children in the mountains

☛ Dress in layers. Choose clothing made of cotton and technical fabric (lightweight and dries quickly from sweat). T-shirt, fleece and possible jacket.

☛ Never forget the k-way (lightweight waterproof and windproof jacket with hood). Rolled up it takes up very little space and protects from a sudden downpour.

If the baby is still in the backpack, bring the waterproof hood.

☛ Bring a change of clothes (panties, tank top, socks, shorts and T-shirt).

Even if we use light technical clothing, eventually the bag will be nice and full, but when it comes to children, you can’t risk not having a full change (especially if, as in my daughter’s case, you have just done the de-nannulation).

☛ Waterproof bag where you can put your wet clothes so you don’t dirty the rest of the backpack.

☛ Boots. It is important to choose a lightweight model with a non-slip sole and as waterproof as possible. High to the ankle so as to give stability and cushion the injury in case of a sprain.

It would be useful to test it beforehand so that it takes the shape of the foot because if it repeatedly rubs in a given spot, a bad blister could form and jeopardize the success of the hike.

You might also be interested in First Aid Kits for mountain trekking.

☛ Hat, goggles and sunscreen. The cool air and the lower temperatures present in the mountains, might fool us into thinking that the sun does not beat down so powerfully. Nothing could be more wrong: the higher we climb in altitude, the less atmosphere there is to protect us from the sun’s radiation so we should always protect ourselves by applying sunscreen.

☛ Swimsuit if there are ponds along the way.

Other things that might be needed:

☛ Ergonomic backpack

☛ Paper handkerchiefs

☛ Water bottle

☛ Snack

☛ Small flashlight

☛ First aid kit (Link here if you want to learn more).

Last tip regarding the pants, certainly when it is very hot your children will prefer a shorts but it is important to insist that they wear a pair of pants or leggings that reach at least 3/4 of the leg, thus protecting the knee from possible falls.

Well, now that you have everything you just have to plan your next mountain trek with your children!

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