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Heymondo Travel Insurance – Reviews and discount code for you


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By taking out travel insurance, you can plan a holiday with much less worry.

Inconveniences can happen in any situation, but if, for example, you have children who go to kindergarten (as we do), the possibility of having to cancel your well-deserved holiday due to health problems increases considerably.

To these, you can add other unforeseen events such as cancelled flights, lost luggage, illnesses contracted during the stay, etc.

And so, it becomes a basic necessity to take out a reliable travel insurance policy that can cope with any last-minute problems and unexpected events .

That’s why today we are talking about Heymondo, one of the most reliable, easy (and quick) travel insurances on the market.

As a reader of BimbeinViaggio, among other things, you can enjoy a 5% discount.

Keep following us and we will explain what Heymondo‘s policy offers and how to take advantage of the discount.

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Why take out a Heymondo travel insurance policy

Let’s take a detailed look at why to take out Heymondo travel insurance, and what Heymondo offers travellers.

Trip cancellation

One of the most important things your travel insurance should have is the possibility to claim back the money you paid in advance for, for example, the purchase of the plane ticket or the hotel reservation .

Heymondo‘s dedicated travel insurance covers cancellation of the trip and also a change of departure date.

Medical assistance

Another option that your travel insurance must have is full-coverage medical assistance, active from the beginning to the end of your holiday.

Heymondo travel insurance offers a 24-hour customer service that can solve any problem quickly and efficiently.

On the website, you can view the various options.

All policies cover medical transportation and repatriation.


Heymondo, reviews and discount: Covid-19 cover

Heymondo travel insurance also covers the costs of trip cancellation due to a Covid-19 positive or death (including of a family member).

Check that your policy has trip cancellation coverage.

It covers costs due to the purchase of medication and PRC tests, and also intervenes in the event that you have to extend your stay due to an inability to return due to Covid-19 positivity.

Always check the maximum limits and any clauses that are transparently displayed on Heymondo‘s official website.

Baggage insurance

It also offers insurance for your luggage, and reimburses the costs of theft, robbery and fire of your luggage.

The policy also covers the costs of recovering lost documents (driver’s licence, passport, etc.).

To these, it adds the reimbursement of costs related to delayed or damaged luggage, due to the responsibility of the company used.

Heymondo reviews: Repatriation

In the event of an unforeseen repatriation for health or family reasons, you will face a ticket cost that is certainly not cheap.

Heymondo travel insurance provides full coverage in this case as well.

It offers cover, in the event of an unplanned repatriation, for both you and your family members.

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Heymondo reviews: Strengths

Heymondo travel insurance provides comprehensive cover that can be taken out easily and quickly, even on the day of departure, with a 3-day pre-validity waiting period.

There are no hidden costs and any clauses are clearly legible on the contract.

It also offers insurance cover for the over-70s (74 is the maximum age that can be taken out).

A higher age, therefore, compared to other operators, and more activities included, including sports and the possibility of adding more extreme ones.

On the site, you can find the travel insurance that best suits your needs.

There are, for example, single trip and short stay insurance (valid for up to 31 days), long stay (with a minimum duration of 90 days), and annual multi-trip (60 days for single trip and return).

Three levels of coverage

Heymondo offers three levels of travel coverage, which are Tranquility, Top and Premium.

The three packages have some options in common and others that are differentiated.

For example, the Tranquility policy reimburses up to EUR 2.5 million for medical expenses, the Premium policy up to EUR 10 million.

The Top and Premium policies also offer cover forelectronic and sports equipment, as well as the possibility of accident compensation.

You can make the various simulations on the Heymondo website.

How to request a quote

As mentioned above, requesting a travel quote is quick and easy.

Just enter the information in the configurator on the official Heymondo website (number of travellers, departure date, duration of the trip, etc.) and, in no time at all, you will know the cost of the insurance.

How to get a discount

To get the 5% discount on Heymondo policies, all you need to do is book your travel insurance through the links and banners in this article.

You will be redirected to the official website, which will recognise you as a BimbeinViaggio reader and automatically apply the discount when you purchase your policy.

Click here to be redirected to the official Heymondo website and get your 5% discount as a BimbeinViaggio reader.

Heymondo App

The Heymondo App allows you to contact Heymondo customer support 365 days a year from wherever you are in the world , free of charge.

You can download it free of charge to your mobile phone after purchasing the travel policy. Convenient, isn’t it?

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Heymondo Travel Insurance – Reviews and discount code for you: conclusions

Well, we have come to the end of this article where you were able to learn about Heymondo travel insurance policies and also know how to avail of the inviting 5% discount.

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