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Discovering Italy with Pimpa’s guides


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Although the Internet has become indispensable in everyday life, I still have a close connection with paper. I like to surround myself with books, and if I need to jot something down or make a shopping list, I use pen and paper.

Even on the trips I have taken, I have always liked to have a paper guide in my backpack to consult before and during the vacation, where I can highlight and jot down useful information or curiosities.

Now that I am traveling with my daughters, I have been looking for a guidebook that would fit the “big one” who is almost 4 years old, and when I came across Pimpa’s guides, I immediately fell in love with them!

Pimpa's travel guides, for children ages 4 and up
Pimpa’s travel guides, for children ages 4 and up

Pimpa’s guidebooks: why buy a guidebook for a child

I have noticed that my daughter is more motivated if she is made a part of what we are going to do. For example, if we have to go hiking in the mountains, I ask her if she feels like making sandwiches with me that we will then eat on the meadows. She, who has a sweet tooth, agrees and knows that first there will be a bit of toil on the trails but then picnic time will come and she can brag to dad that she made lunch. In the same way, with the travel guide, in my opinion, you will be able to intrigue the child and prepare him for the visit.

Pimpa’s guides: what it’s all about

Discovering Genoa with Pimpa's guide
Discovering Genoa with Pimpa’s guide
guida di pimpa di roma
Pimpa’s guide to Rome

Pimpa guides are useful game-guides to engage the child in discovering Italian cities through comic strip stories in which the protagonists are precisely Pimpa-the very famous little dog with red polka dots created by Artan-and his friends.

Pimpa’s guides are really well done. Designed for the hands of a child who does not yet have the sensibility to flip through the page slowly so as not to crease it, they are made of durable paper and inside have a myriad of riddles, quizzes, treasure hunts, stickers to peel off, drawings to color, and even two postcards to send to the best friend.

In a humorous and somewhat playful way, Pimpa’s guides really do provide a lot of information about the main attractions of the city you are going to visit.

Pimpa’s guides: from what age they can be useful

Pimpa’s guides can intrigue as early as age 4, who will be attracted by the colors and drawings in the booklet. They are perfect, on the other hand, from age 6 when the child can read it on his own.

Discovering Pimpa’s Guides

Pistoia's guide to Pinocchio Park
Pistoia’s guide to Pinocchio Park
Discovering the Egyptian Museum with Pimpa
Discovering the Egyptian Museum with Pimpa

Pimpa and his friends accompany the child to discover major Italian cities such as Genoa, Milan, Turin, Venice, Bologna, Verona, Trento, Mantua, Modena, Florence, Rome, Pistoia, Ravenna, and Matera; there is also a guide dedicated to visiting the Egyptian Museum in Turin.

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Pimpa guides are an excellent choice for introducing children to the main sights and attractions of the city they are going to visit.

They stimulate observation, make the child participate and-why not-they also entertain them during the trip.

And once they return home, they can review the guidebook on their own or together with mom and dad, going over all the great experiences they had on their vacation, while waiting to set off on a new adventure!

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