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Axa Assistance Travel Insurance: reviews


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It is important to take out travel insurance before travelling, especially if, like us, you have small children.

Illnesses and other unforeseen events are always just around the corner.

Personally, taking out travel insurance gives us peace of mind both before leaving and during the holiday itself.

In this review, we will try to describe the main features of Axa Assistance Insurance, hoping to be helpful to those seeking opinions.

Axa Assistance Travel Insurance: reviews

Every trip is different, which is why Axa Assistance offers different types of travel insurance, specific to each need.

Let’s look at them one by one.

Basic protection

Basic protection offers a maximum of €100,000 for medical expenses (€500 for medical examinations and pharmaceutical expenses), medical assistance while travelling, which also includes the insured person’s return (€1,000), extension of stay and travel for a family member in the event of hospitalisation (€100 per day for a maximum of 5 days).

Average protection

The medium protection of Axa Assistance travel insurance includes all the covers of the basic protection by raising the ceiling to €500,000 for medical expenses (€1,000 for medical examinations and pharmaceutical expenses).

It then adds luggage protection (up to €750), assistance to relatives at home, home assistance (€150), and essential purchases (€150).

Total screen

The total screen further increases the ceiling for medical expenses to EUR 3 million (EUR 1,500 for medical examinations and pharmaceutical expenses), and for luggage to EUR 1,000 (with EUR 200 for essential purchases).

Civil liability (€150,000), travel and in-flight accidents (€100,000), and air delay (€150) are also added.

Student Policy

The Student Policy offers:

  • medical assistance while travelling
  • reimbursement of medical expenses (up to €300,000)
  • Third party liability (for personal injury up to €100,000, for damage to property or animals €50,000)
  • accidents while travelling (up to €100,000)
  • flight delay (up to €200)
  • interruption of the course of studies in case of early return.

Ski Insurance

The Ski Policy offers:

  • medical assistance (up to €15,000)
  • medical expenses (with direct payment up to €5000)
  • liability (for personal injury up to €250,000, for damage to property or animals €50,000)
  • legal protection (up to €3000)
  • reimbursement of ski passes, missed lessons, rented equipment and interruption of ski lifts and chairlifts (up to €10,000)
  • rescue costs on the ski slopes (toboggan or helicopter).

Annual policy

The annual policy is for those who travel several times during the year (to and from Italy) and covers all trips of up to 31 days.

Cancellation cover (up to €2,000) is included as well as cover under the Total Screen policy, with a ceiling of €2 million for medical expenses and €1,500 for baggage.

Schengen Insurance

Schengen Insurance is the medical insurance required to obtain a visa to enter Schengen countries.

It offers:

  • cover from 0.99€ /per day
  • medical expenses up to 30,000€ and more with Europe and Multi Trip cover
  • repatriation to country of residence
  • 3 insurance formulas available
  • single price regardless of age
  • complies with European visa requirements

Axa Assistance Travel Insurance: reviews

The strengths of AXA Assistance’s travel insurance are the 24/7 telephone assistance offered and the full coverage in case of Covid-19.

▶ Always check any clauses on the information sheet, which clearly lists the policy details.

How to subscribe to the policy

To take out a policy with Axa Assistance, simply go to the official website and enter the required data: single or multi-trip, destination, number of travellers, and date of travel.

You must also enter the date of booking the trip, which is essential for the optional cancellation guarantee.

Next, a page will appear with a comparison of the types of policies available.

Once the policy has been chosen, the optional Cancellation guarantee can be added, and the insured person’s details are entered and the subscription process proceeds.

The insurance certificate arrives by email.

Click here if you want to get a quote on the official Axa Assistance website.

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