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AirHelp, the leader in flight compensation: how it works, reviews

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AirHelp is the largest flight compensation agency.

In the event of flight-related problems, AirHelp intervenes quickly and efficiently, providing assistance to passengers who have had a negative experience.

Regardless of the ticket price, AirHelp promises up to EUR 600.00 compensation per passenger.

Let’s find out who AirHelp is and how it helps passengers get compensated.

Who AirHelp is and how it can help you with flight compensation

AirHelp was founded in 2013 and, in just a few years, has become the world’s largest company defending the rights of air passengers.

AirHelp provides support to those who have suffered damage from the airline such as, for example, a 3-hour delay or a flight cancelled with less than two weeks’ notice.

Following these damages, in accordance with the laws in force, the passenger is entitled to claim compensation of up to EUR 600.00.

As mentioned above, this compensation is independent of the cost of the ticket and applies to all airlines and all countries.

The good news, moreover, is that no money has to be advanced and no payment is due, even if the compensation is not granted.

AirHelp, the leader in flight compensation: how it works, reviews

AirHelp‘s approach to solving flight complaint cases aims to give maximum satisfaction to passengers who have suffered damage.

He carefully analyses the information provided, to see if there is a basis for proceeding with the claim, according to current legislation.

AirHelp’s next step is the formal request for compensation from the airline.

In the event of a refusal by the airline, AirHelp proceeds through the legal process without, I repeat, requesting any additional costs in the event of non-compensation.

How to start the flight complaint procedure with AirHelp

To initiate the complaint procedure with AirHelp, you need to go to the official website and fill in the complaint form, entering the complete flight information.

You will then have to attach supporting documentation, such as boarding passes and communications received from the airlines.

At this point, the ball is passed to the AirHelp experts who will carry out the necessary verifications in order to initiate the complaint.

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How to calculate compensation in case of flight cancellation or delay

It is impossible to know exactly how much compensation will be paid in case of flight cancellation or delay because it depends on several factors.

The regulation on air passengers’rights states that compensation can be up to a maximum of EUR 600.00 per person, and states that, in some cases, the flight may also be reimbursed.

Flight reimbursement: when you can claim it

In addition to flight compensation, a refund of the cost of the ticket may also be claimed if the flight delay exceeds 5 hours.

The reimbursement concerns both the direct flight and the connecting flight in the event of failure to keep to the scheduled times.

Reimbursement of the ticket by the airline, on the other hand, becomes possible (and no longer compulsory) if the flight delay only” exceeds 3 hours.

AirHelp Fees

AirHelp does not charge any upfront costs or commissions in the case of a failed compensation claim.

Should the claim be successful, however, it will deduct its percentage, communicated in advance in a transparent manner, from the amount actually recovered.

AirHelp Reviews

The reviews that can be read on the various online platforms are a significant indicator that I, personally, always take into account when choosing a service.

On Trustpilot, the reviews of travellers who have used AirHelp’s services are overwhelmingly positive (score of 4.6 out of 5, based on over 175,000 pieces of feedback).

To check or start a complaint procedure with AirHelpClick here.

AirHelp Plus Reviews

For those who travel several times during the year, AirHelp offers AirHelp Plus, an annual insurance that, in addition to compensation for flight disruptions, includes reimbursement for lost luggage (up to €1,400) and any extra expenses incurred (up to €6,000).

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Thanks to the immediate assistance and the winning percentage of claims, AirHelp is a valuable support for the traveller who has suffered an airline mishap.

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