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Discover Gardaland – Where it is, practical info and attractions by age group


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With more than 3,000,000 visitors each year (in Italy, only the Colosseum exceeds the number of tickets sold in a year), Gardaland certainly needs no introduction.

My memories placed Gardaland as an amusement park for young people but, returning with my daughters, I noticed that it is in fact mostly frequented by families with children of all ages.

In this article, we will try to give you as much information as possible to organise your visit to Gardaland, such as how to save money on the purchase of tickets, or which attractions to do according to age.

Let’s get started!

where is gardaland
Peppa Pig’s Balloon

Gardaland where it is

The Gardaland amusement park is located near Lake Garda, from which it takes its name, between the municipalities of Castelnuovo del Garda and Lazise, in the province of Verona.

The park has a very large car park (€7.00 per day, also payable with a telepass).

How to get to Gardaland without a car

During Gardaland’s opening period, from the Peschiera del Garda train station there is a free shuttle service that reaches the park in a few minutes.

The service runs from half an hour before Gardaland’s opening time to half an hour after closing time, leaving every 30 minutes.

How to get to Gardaland by plane

The nearest airport to Gardaland is Verona’s Valerio Catullo di Verona Villafranca airport, which is about 23 kilometres away.

From the airport, there is no shuttle service to reach the park, so it is necessary to take a taxi (about €50.00 for the ride) or hire a car.

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Gardaland – Where it is, practical info: dates 2024

Gardaland reopens on 23 March and closes on 07 October 2024.

On the occasion of Halloween, Gardaland remains open every weekend in October until the first weekend in November.

What time Gardaland opens: opening hours

Gardaland‘s opening times vary depending on the time of year.

In general, the park is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on certain holidays when the hours are extended (9.30 a.m. to 7 p.m.).

During the summer period, the park is open until late in the evening.

You can check the updated opening hours here.

For those arriving a little early, you may be interested to know that the car park opens an hour before the park.

Gardaland tickets

Tickets for Gardaland can be purchased on the official website, on the GetYourGuide booking portal, or at the ticket office on the day.

I recommend the latter option only if you are in possession of the Viviparchi card (more on this later) because the ticket, if purchased at the ticket office, has a higher price.

On the official website, you can evaluate two options: purchase with a fixed date with prices starting from 38.00€, or with a free date from 49.00€.

On GetYourGuide, you can purchase the free date ticket for 48.00€

If you have purchased a fixed-date ticket on the official website, a date change is permitted up to three days before the date indicated on the ticket purchased.

The date can only be changed once at a cost of €10.00.

Children under 90 cm in height enter Gardaland for free.

There are also cumulative tickets with the water park or the hotel.

▶ If you want to look at the tickets on the official website – Click here.

▶ If you want to look at the tickets on the GetYourGuide portal – Click here.

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How to save money on your Gardaland ticket

Viviparchi Card

If you have children below the age of 12 and you own the Viviparchi card, it may be useful to know that, for every paying adult, a child gets in for free.

Bear in mind that children over 90 cm, pay a ticket that costs slightly less than the adult, so the savings are considerable!

The only drawback is that this promotion is only valid if you buy tickets at the ticket counter.

▶ If you would like more information on the Viviparchi card, you can read this article.

What is the best period to go to Gardaland?

The best time to visit Gardaland, in my opinion, are the mid-seasons, i.e. March/May and September/October, both to avoid the queues and the intense heat of the summer months.

New attraction Gardaland 2024

Gardaland’s new attraction 2024 is the drop&twist tower, i.e. a drop tower that goes up and down several times and rotates around its own axis.

The attraction will be available from June 2024.

Gardaland attractions children

Going to Gardaland with children – even small ones – is possible because the attractions for them are varied and there is no danger of them getting bored!

There are some attractions reserved to children of all ages, others to children at least one metre tall, and still others where children can only go if accompanied.

Let’s see them one by one.

Gardaland children 2 years old (under 90 cm)

For children under 90 centimetres tall, who, we remind you, get in for free, the following attractions are available (obviously accompanied by their parents):

  • Carousel with horses
  • Parsley Land
  • Parsley Tree
  • Parsley Magic Village
  • Gnome Forest (Highly recommended!)
  • Transgardaland Express
  • Grandpa Pig Train
  • Pirate Island
  • Peppa’s Hot Air Balloon (if >80 cm tall)
peppa pig
Pirate Island in Peppa Pig Land
where is gardaland
Gnome Forest

Gardaland children 3 years old (above 90 cm)

Always bearing in mind that at Gardaland it is the child’s height and not his or her age that counts, a child of around 3 years of age (above 90 centimetres in height but below 100 centimetres) always has access only to the above mentioned attractions.

The snap is at 100 cent imetres when the child has access to even slightly more“adrenaline” games.

Gardaland children 4 years old (above 100 cm)

  • Ortobruco Tour
  • Colorado Boat (beware of splashing if you go in mid-season)
  • Baby Canoes
  • Baby Corsair
  • Baby Horses
  • Baby Pilot (if >105 cm tall)
  • Jumanji (if >107 cm)
colorado boat
Colorado Boat

Gardaland children from 110 cm

  • Escape from Atlantis
  • Rides in the Kung Fu Panda Land area
  • Mammoth
  • Jungle Rapids

Then there are the attractions reserved to adults and kids at least 120 or 140 cm tall such as the Raptor, the Blue Tornado, the Sequoia Adventure, the Oblivion, etc.

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Peppa Pig Land

Peppa’s House

Peppa Pig Land, is the area entirely dedicated to the world of Peppa.

It is located just a few steps from theentrance and houses fun attractions for children from 2 years of age, such as Grandpa Pig’s train, the little boats and the hot-air balloon (the latter for children at least 80 cm tall).

Also in this area is a small playground with a slide, Mr Fox’s souvenir shop, and Peppa’s House, where Peppa explains the importance of recycling and invites children to separate waste.

Each ‘workshop’ lasts about 7 minutes, including photo time with Peppa.

Fantasy Kingdom

gardaland where is

Fantasy Kingdom contains several attractions that are also accessible to younger children, such as Doremifarm (>80 cm high), Volaplano (>105 cm), the Parsley Tree and the Parsley House.

Also here, near the Parsley House, a baby dance is staged a couple of times a day.

baby dance
gardaland where is

Parsley Land

gardaland castle

Prezzemolo Land is a beautiful playground for children of all ages.

The mega-slide (reserved for children under 140 cm) becomes a fun water park in summer (remember your costume).

LEGOLAND® Water park

LEGOLAND® Water Park is the new fully themed water park, designed for families with children.

It is located inside Gardaland and its entrance is only possible after purchasing a Gardaland ticket.

The combined ticket can be purchased in advance or the supplement can be purchased at the ticket offices or inside the park.

In order to guarantee the safety of children, people over the age of 18 cannot enter LEGOLAND® Water Park unless they are accompanying one or more children under the age of 14.

Until Legoland opens (mid-May), you can access Miniland, a Lego-themed area (over 4 million!) that reproduces to scale the most beautiful monuments in Italy.

How to avoid queues at Gardaland

Below, you will find some useful tips to reduce the proverbial queues at Gardaland.

  • Avoid, if possible, holidays
  • Plan your day in advance. Some attractions open at 10 a.m., others at 12 noon. If you have a particular attraction in mind, see what time it opens and head straight there (you can get a map of the park from the ticket office)
  • Purchase Gardaland Express time-saving tickets that allow you to skip the queue at the attractions. You can buy them online or in the park at the cash desks or vending machines located in the Camelot Area, West, Piazzale Mammut and Piazza Jumanji. You may be interested to know that there is also the Single Ride Express, which allows you to skip the queue at a single attraction of your choice (costs €5/20 depending on the attraction).

The Gardaland Express is quite expensive (it costs the same as a ticket), so the advice might be to buy it on the day if you see that there are really a lot of people.

How much does it cost to eat at Gardaland?

I had read that eating at Gardaland was prohibitively expensive. In reality, I did not find a big price premium over any outside bar or restaurant.

Sandwiches cost €7/8.00, sandwich and chips menus €12.00, meat menus are a little more expensive(€20.00).

We had a picnic lunch in the picnic area and then took a treat.

If your children like lollipops, I recommend bringing them from home because those are quite expensive (4.00€ the one with marshmallows).

Bring a water bottle because there are fresh water fountains in the park.

How to dress at Gardaland

The advice is to dress in comfortable clothes and trainers.

A small change of clothes and a waterproof cape could be useful if you plan to do the attractions where you can get wet (colourado boat) when it is not yet very hot.

For children who can enter the Waterpark, I recommend bringing a swimming costume, beach sandals and a towel.

Gardaland – Where it is, practical info and attractions by age: more information

  • Inside the park, prams can be hired for children under one metre tall.
  • You can leave and then re-enter the park on the same day, just indicate this to the turnstile attendants.
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Gardaland Hotel

The Gardaland Hotel package includes admission to the park and an overnight stay with breakfast, in one of the facilities located about one kilometre from the park.

Doing several simulations on their site, even for a midweek day, the final price turned out to be much higher than the €59.00 (per person) advertised by the park.

Where to sleep near Gardaland

If, like us, you opt to stay in a campsite on Lake Garda, we can recommend two facilities that are only a few minutes’ drive away from Gardaland.

camping bella italia
One of the swimming pools of Camping Bella Italia

Palme Camping & Village in Lazise offers bungalows and mobile homes with kitchenette and parking space. On the campsite, there is a swimming pool and a restaurant – Book here.

Camping Bella Italia in Peschiera del Garda offers bungalows and flats (a little dated) but clean and equipped with everything. Within the complex, there are five swimming pools with wonderful slides, restaurants, playground, entertainment and baby-club – Book here.

What to see near Gardaland

  1. Peschiera del Garda
  2. Sirmione
  3. Natura Viva Park
  4. Sigurtà Garden Park
  5. Verona

Discover Gardaland – Where it is, practical info and attractions by age: conclusions

Gardaland is Italy’s most famous amusement park, suitable for both adults and families with children, and is perfect for a carefree day out.

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