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Children’s Museum of Verona


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The Children’s Museum is the museum in Verona where children can learn a great deal through play and experimentation.

The time inside the museum is 1 hour and 45 minutes and the visit must be booked well in advance.

We had heard great things about this children’s museum and indeed our expectations were not disappointed.

Let’s find out together what the Children’s Museum of Verona is, with all the information you need to organise your visit.

Let’s get going!

Children's Museum of Verona

Children’s Museum Verona

The Children’s Museum is a museum designed especially for children between the ages of 0 and 12.

It is not the classic museum where a child tends to get bored after a while. Here, children are the active protagonists of the visit.

Inside the museum, there is no predefined path to follow.

On the contrary, children are free to move around and choose what to do according to the game that captures their attention most.

Parents can enter together with the children and explain how the various activities work , accompanying their children in their discovery.

The last 10 minutes of the visit are used to tidy up the games all together so that they can be ready and in order for the next round; very instructive, in my opinion.

How the Children’s Museum of Verona is structured

The Children’s Museum Verona, CMV, is divided into 6 areas (water, light, mechanics, sound, logic, human body), which children can discover through play and direct experience.

Constructions, mechanical and digital installations, and costumes to wear, offer many ideas to stimulate their creativity.

The symbol of the museum, is the large orange sphere (3 metres by 6) that travels on 300 metres of tracks, more than 150,000 balls that the children have to thread through the appropriate slots.


The sphere would appear to be simply a game but, in reality, the balls travelling in the tubes symbolise the children‘s thoughts and imagination, which run along the tracks like a goods train.

Depending on the age, of course, the child will be more intrigued by one game than another.

For example, our 2½-year-old daughter really enjoyed dressing up in the various costumes present, and then looking at herself in the mirror.

Our 4.5-year-old, on the other hand, enjoyed “milking” the cow and climbing a 3.5-metre high net, then diving into the ball pool via a mega-slide.

Children's Museum of Verona

Water Zone

Always popular with children of all ages is the Water Zone, which consists of 16-metre-long pools.

Before entering, children must wear booties and a mackintosh, which are provided by the museum.

Between tubes, communicating vessels, whirlpools and small boats, children can learn some laws of physics.

To work better, one can climb on a stool, but if the child is small (under 4 years old approximately), the water path is not very usable because it does not reach the height.

Children's Museum of Verona
water zone

0-3 years area: the Montessori area

The 0-3 years area is inspired by the Montessori model.

Here the little ones can indulge in mirrors, books, and tactile elements made of materials of various consistencies.

It is the quietest area and therefore also suitable for infants accompanying older siblings.

Children’s Museum of Verona

These are just some of the games you can find at the Children’s Museum of Verona.

The leitmotif of this wonderful journey through the museum is certainly curiosity.

Curiosity is the element that drives children to discover their surroundings and to want to learn new things!

coloured carpet

How much does the Children’s Museum Verona cost

You may be wondering what the price of all this is.

A reasonable amount, in my opinion:

  • 9.00€ the ticket for the adult and for the child aged 3-12 years
  • 6.00€ for the child 1-3 years old

It may be useful to know that the Children’s Museum can only be visited by reservation, which must be made online in advance.

You enter in shifts, of 100 people each, and each visit lasts an hour and forty-five minutes.

The time available is calibrated to the child’s attention span and, on balance, was more than enough to allow the child to experience all the activities with the right amount of curiosity.

How to save with Viviparchi

If you have a Viviparchi Card, you are entitled to a €4.00 discount on the adult’s ticket purchase.

To give you an example, we paid €9.00 for our 4-year-old daughter, €6.00 for our 2-year-old daughter, and €5.00 instead of €9.00 for both our tickets.

When purchasing the ticket for the Children’s Museum, you will have to enter the discounted ticket in the shopping cart thanks to the agreement with Viviparchi.

You will not be asked for a code at this stage, but you will have to go to the ticket office before your visit to show the electronic or paper card to the attendant.

▶ If you want more information about Viviparchi, you can read this article in which I talk about it and provide you with a discount code.

Important information

  • Inside the museum, you cannot enter with shoes, so remember an extra pair of socks for you and one for the children, better non-slip for them.
  • Arrive at least a quarter of an hour early because the ticket office is on the opposite side from the museum entrance.
  • The ticket is non-refundable. If you are unable to make the visit, you can get an exchange ticket (to be used within 31 days) by attaching it to the email [email protected] within an hour of the booked visit time.
  • Large bags or any other items you do not wish to take with you can be left in the cloakroom free of charge.

Where the Children’s Museum of Verona is located

The museum is located in the former Magazzini Generali, Via Santa Teresa, 12 Verona.

Where to park

Right in front of the ticket office, there is a large free car park where you can leave your car.

If by chance it is full, immediately outside you can leave your car free at the roadside.

When to go: opening hours of the Children’s Museum

You can find the opening hours of the museum on the official website.

Children’s Museum workshops: ThinkLab

The Children’s Museum also organises interactive 60-minute workshops for the 3-5 and 6-12 age groups.

The ThinkLab is inspired by the Tinkering of the San Francisco Exploratorium, i.e. starting with a concept and arriving at a final understanding through practical experimentation.

You can view all workshops and book them here .


The Children’s Museum of Verona is truly interesting and well organised. We recommend it to all families with children from 2 years of age onwards.

Booking online in advance is highly recommended because it often sells out!

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