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What to do in Torgnon in summer


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The municipality of Torgnon extends over 42 square kilometres in the Matterhorn Valley and is made up of 22 hamlets (or villages) that preserve their characteristic Alpine architecture.

Each village is a corner of history and culture waiting to be discovered.

But also of contact with nature, thanks to the numerous hiking trails, many of which are suitable for the whole family.

And what about the children’s playgrounds?

In Chantorné, for example, there is the Summer Park, a park with inflatables, trampolines and donut runs, which in winter becomes the Winter Park where you can go wild with bobsleighs and toboggans.

You have to pay for the Summer Park but you can find many other free playgrounds just about everywhere.

We really enjoyed Torgnon and below are what we think are the must-see attractions during a holiday of one or more days.

Getting there

By car, the nearest motorway exit is Châtillon/Saint-Vincent.

From here, take the SR46 towards Cervinia until Antey Saint-André and then the SR9, arriving at your destination in about 20 minutes.

Torgnon can also be reached by bus from Châtillon. Check the timetables on the Arriva company website.

At certain times of the year, there is also an on-call shuttle service throughout the municipality (tel. 334.1540146).

Fares are as follows: within the municipality €1.50 per ride; Torgnon-Antey Saint-André route €3.00 per ride.

Weekly Torgnon €15.00 (maximum 30 rides).

The shuttle is free for children up to 8 years of age.

What to see

Petit Monde ethnographic museum

petit monde

The villages of Triatel and Etirol are home to the Petit Monde, a wonderful ethnographic museum where you can take a journey into the peasant culture of yesteryear.

In 1750, on the occasion of the agreement between the commune of Torgnon and the Baron of Cly Jacques François Bergera, an agreement that sanctioned the end of medieval serfdom, the inhabitants of the Petit Monde put up a united front to manage the difficulties caused by the community’s isolation.

They learned how to manage the water distribution network for irrigation, the mill and the bakery, and when the first communal school was founded in Torgnon in 1773, they decided to open one in their village to spare the children the long journey to the capital.

The museum complex consists of a raccard, the typical wooden building in the Alps, the only example in Valle d’Aosta, a grandze and a grenier, built between 1462 and 1700, today skilfully restored.

petit monde triatel

Through the exhibits and collections displayed in the museum, you can learn how the inhabitants of the Petit Monde lived and whatsocial organisation was like in this small, isolated community.

Finally, you can visit theold village mill located not far away, on the Petit Monde stream.

Opening hours

The Petit Monde is open during the summer period from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is free.

Before you go, contact the tourist office (telephone 0166.540433) because, for example in bad weather, you may find it closed.

How to get there

The museum can be reached by car from Mongnod (hamlet of Chatrian) along a 1.8-kilometre asphalt road.

About halfway along, there is a panoramic balcony with benches where you can sit and lose yourself in the view of the little houses of Torgnon, Valtournenche and the Matterhorn.


Be careful, if you go by car, because along the way you may find pedestrians who decide to walk to the museum.

Parish Church of San Martino

paris church of san martino

Perfectly set in the landscape, the parish church of San Martino is located in the hamlet of Mongnod.

The current neo-Gothic building dates back to 1868, although there are historical sources of the church dating back to 1413.

The Romanesque-style bell tower, on the other hand, was built in 1773.

Inside, noteworthy are the paintings decorating the walls, the carved wooden pulpit, the 16th-century wooden crucifix and the 14th-century Christ at the Column.



It is worth stopping to admire the panorama of Torgnon through the characteristic metal heart.

You can find it on Str. S. Pantaleon Colle, the road from Torgnon down to Ronc Dessus.

What to do in Torgnon


There are many hiking itineraries in Torgnon, suitable for all abilities.

For families with children from 4 to 12 years old, the municipality of Torgnon has devised some very entertaining Game Routes (which you can view here).

These are maps, to be downloaded before the walk, with quizzes, questions and small treasure hunts, with the aim of involving even the laziest children in the activity.

At this link, on the other hand, you can find some of the most beautiful nature trails in Torgnon, some easier, others for experienced hikers.

We took the walk from Mongnod to the chapel of Saint-Évence, where the view embraces the Valtournenche.

panorama over mongnod

The itinerary is simple and also suitable for families with children if, however, they are trained and already accustomed to trekking in the mountains as the hike is 5.7 kilometres long (one way) with an altitude difference of 250 metres.

If you want to shorten it a little, it is also possible to arrive only at Col Saint-Pantaléon and return, or, vice versa, to arrive at the pass by car and walk the last stretch to the chapel, which is the most scenic.

For a complete description of the hike, you can read this article.

Chantorné picnic area

From the centre of Torgnon, continue along the municipal road for about 3 kilometres, passing the hamlet of Septumian and arriving in Plan Prorion in less than ten minutes.

Here, at an altitude of 1765 metres, is the equipped area of Chantorné with picnic tables, barbecue stations, playground, football pitch and volleyball court.

There are drinking fountains and a very clean toilet.

The cost of the table and grill during the months when the area is open (mid-June to mid-September) is €5.00 each (plus an additional €5.00 for wood).

For payment, please contact the on-site bar-restaurant.

Summer Park

summer park

Also in the Chantorné locality, a few bends above the equipped area, is the Summer Park, a wonderful park with inflatables, trampolines, a swimming pool with balls, a sandpit equipped with buckets and paddles, a climbing wall, tubing, and much more.

The rates for 2024 are as follows:

  • morning until 13:00 or afternoon from 16:00 – €7.50
  • daily – €10.00
  • 5 admissions – €40.00
  • seasonal – €82.50

The rate for the tubbing descent (only from 4 years of age onwards) is as follows:

  • 5 tubing descents or big air bag – €7.00
  • 10 tubing descents or big air bag – €11.00
  • 20 tubing runs or big air bag – €18.00
  • daily inflatable area 5 tubing runs or big air bag – €12.50

Deck chairs can also be hired for €4.00.

summer park torgnon
tub with balls

The good news is that, unlike other playgrounds of this type, accompanying persons do not pay!

Opening dates for 2024 are: weekends 22-23 and 29-30 June, 01-02 July, and every day from 6 July to 8 September.

The opening times are 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the inflatable area, 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. / 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. for the tubing rides.

In winter, the playground turns into the Winter Park in the snow!

The opening times for winter 2024-2025 (still to be confirmed) are:

  • weekends in 2024: 30/11, 1-7-8/12, 14-15/12
  • every day from 21/12/2024 to 06/04/2025.

Hotels Torgnon

There are so many things to do and see in the municipality of Torgnon, that a good idea might be to stay overnight one or more nights.

At Lo Verdzé in Torgnon you will find a genuine welcome and an excellent breakfast with homemade products. In addition, children up to 15 years of age do not pay – book here.

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