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Walter Bonatti Refuge (Val Ferret)


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Beautiful hike in Val Ferret that in about 1.30h (with children, a little less without), arrives at the Bonatti Refuge where you can enjoy the fantastic panorama and where you can refresh yourself at the outdoor tables.

For the return, you can walk backwards along the outward path or continue on another path thus completing a loop trail (explanation in detail later).

Walter Bonatti Refuge (Val Ferret): technical specifications

walter Bonatti refuge
View of the Bonatti Refuge

Technical specifications:

  • Signposts: 28A
  • Departure: Lavachey, location La Remisa (1640)
  • Finish: Bonatti Refuge (2025 m)
  • Height difference: 385 m
  • Length: 3000 m
  • Duration: 1h/1.30h for the ascent.

Walter Bonatti Refuge (Val Ferret): how to get there and where to park

To get to Courmayeur, one must take the A5 highway: at the exit, follow the signs to Val Ferret and then to the resort of Lavachey.

Once the available parking spaces are exhausted, the valley is closed to traffic. In this case you have to park your car just before entering the resort of Lavachey and wait for the free shuttle or walk on the paved road until the signposts arrive (count on a 10 to 15 minute walk).

Do not worry in case because there are parkers present who will show you what to do.

Course description

To reach the Bonatti refuge, the recommended trail is the one indicated by trail marker 28A. Having parked the car in Lavachey, the trail starts beyond the small wooden bridge on the right. You will find the sign indicating the hut.

The first section is uphill in the woods, then continues over green pastures and becomes very scenic. The path is easy, presenting no particular difficulty. Always slightly uphill, it skirts some old cottages and a stream and then descends to the hut. Here you can take a seat at the tables, ordering a soup or a platter of cold cuts and cheeses.

For the return, you can either retrace the scenic trail of the outward journey or continue on the path down from the refuge, steep and shorter, which will take you back to the car in about three quarters of an hour. CAUTION if you have small children because it is really very steep and can be slippery.

Hike to Bonatti Refuge
Hike to Bonatti Refuge
Walter Bonatti refuge
Walter Bonatti Refuge
Cows grazing Bonatti refuge
Cows grazing
Souvenir photo at Bonatti Refuge
Souvenir photo at Bonatti Refuge

What to do in the surrounding area

There is a beautiful playground in Courmayeur where children can let off steam. It is located inside Bollino Park, in the center of Courmayeur: it is a beautiful place where, in addition to games, you can take nature walks with fascinating views of Mont Blanc. There are tables with benches, drinking fountains and public toilets.

Address – Bollino Park V.le Monte Bianco, 11013 Courmayeur AO.

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