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Lillaz Waterfalls: trail and information


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The hike to the Lillaz waterfalls is a very easy walk that can also be done with a stroller.

We are located in the Cogne Valley within the wonderful Gran Paradiso National Park, the oldest Italian national park, which covers an area of about 71 thousand hectares: within it, there are many scenic walks suitable also for children, such as the one precisely to the Lillaz Waterfalls or the one to the Benevolo Refuge in the Rhêmes Valley.

The Lillaz Waterfalls consist of three jumps of water with a total height of 150 meters!

Along the route it is possible to visit the geological park, or rather a geological educational trail with captions offered in Braille language, which is also accessible to the handicapped.

Once you arrive at the base of the Lillaz waterfalls, you can decide whether to return by the same route or take the loop tour.

Below you will find all the information.

Lillaz Falls: technical specifications

lillaz falls

Technical specifications:

Marker: 13L – 13

Departure: Lillaz (1610 m)

Finish: Lillaz (1610 m)

Difference in level: 100 m

Lenght: 1825 m

Duration Gone: 0h40, 1h30 for the ring.

Course description

You park your car in the large parking lot at the beginning of the village of Lillaz and continue by crossing the bridge.

This is a very easy walk, also passable with a stroller, which in about 40 minutes leads to the base of the Lillaz waterfalls.

From here you can decide to return by the same route or take trail No. 13L, which climbs steeply and with steps, so you will have to decide in advance whether you want to do the loop walk to know whether to bring the stroller or put the baby in the backpack.

Be especially careful if you have children because, as you climb, the ground may become slippery due to water splashing from the falls.

From the small bridge, which is at an elevation of 1710 m, you can make a small detour to the Bioulé waterfalls a 5-minute walk away, otherwise follow the trail down and rejoin trail No. 13, which leads back to the parking lot in the village.

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Is it possible to swim at Lillaz Falls?

Yes, you can swim in the shallower pools of water where it is easy to access (be careful, however, not to slip); going up, however, is not recommended because you could get trapped in the eddies created within the Urtier stream.

How to get there and where to park

You drive along the A5 highway and take the Aosta Ovest/Saint-Pierre exit: from here you have to continue for 21 km to get to Cogne. At this point there are two options:

☛ you can reach Lillaz on foot, parking your car in Cogne and walking the 3-km flat trail starting from Rue Mines de Cogne;

☛ one can reach Lillaz by car, following the signs for Lillaz. Just before the village there is a free parking lot where you can leave your car.

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