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Discovering the small village of Cerisey

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Cerisey is a hamlet of the municipality of Saint-Rhèmì-En-Bosses in the province of Aosta, from which it is 19 kilometers away.

The village of Cerisey is located at an altitude of 1370 meters above sea level and has only 25 inhabitants.

What you will find in Cerisey is tranquility and very pure air. In fact, it is a village that few people know about perhaps because the whole area offers “little” in the way of tourism as there are neither stores nor supermarkets.

This, however, in my opinion is the real mountain: here you have to come if you want to take nature walks and unplug for a few hours.

Being above 1,000 meters, it is easy to run into thunderstorms and low temperatures even in the middle of summer.

Discovering the small village of Cerisey: what to see

Visiting the village

Discovering the small village of Cerisey
Discovering the small village of Cerisey
Discovering the small village of Cerisey
cerisey entrance

The village of Cerisey is tiny; in half an hour you can get around it all. You leave your car near the sign at the foot of the village and take the uphill road that leads to the spring.

From there you continue further uphill, browsing through the narrow streets and admiring the typical stone houses with roofs made of lose (stone slabs).

When you reach the top of the village, you can descend to the other side of the stream – skirting it on the left side – and once on the main road, turn right to return to Cerisey.

Walking in nature

Discovering the small village of Cerisey
col citrin
Discovering the small village of Cerisey
Discovering the small village of Cerisey with children

Several more or less demanding walks start from Cerisey, such as the one to Col Citrin with an altitude difference of 1100 meters or to the village of Saint-Oyen on an almost flat path.

In just over half an hour, on the other hand, one can reach the village of Saint-Rhèmì-En-Bosses at an altitude of 1632 meters above sea level, best known for its prized PDO ham, Jambon de Bosses, which can be tasted and purchased locally at the famous De Bosses ham factory.

What to do in Cerisey with children in winter

Continuing about 1km from Cerisey on the road to Saint-Oyen – there is a nice snow playground where children can have fun with inflatables, sleds and bobsleighs.

For the little ones there is also an inflatable slide and a merry-go-round.

There is also a restaurant and ample parking on site.

Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Admission Fee: 14€ adult and child ≻6years; 7€ children 3-6years; free under.

Where to sleep in Cerisey

maison farinet cerisey

appartamento alla maison farinet

Maison Farinet – Discovered by chance on our little trips to the Aosta Valley, it was love at first sight. Maison Farinet provides family rooms and rustic apartments that are truly a treat! Great breakfast included and free crib available. Highly recommended! Book here.

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