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Benevolo Refuge (Rhêmes Valley)


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Wonderful hike in the Rhêmes Valley, which can also be hiked with children, with frequent chances to spot marmots!

The hike is about 4km long with a total elevation gain of 393m. We took about 1h30 to reach the Benevolo Refuge.

The Gian Federico Benevolo Refuge is located on the edge of the Gran Paradiso National Park at an altitude of 2287m above sea level so the advice is to set off properly equipped to cope with the sudden change in weather that often occurs in the high mountains.

Below you will find the technical specifications and route description for organizing the hike to Rifugio Benevolo.

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Benevolo Refuge (Rhêmes Valley)

Beginning of the trail leading to the Benevolo refuge
Beginning of the trail leading to the Benevolo Refuge

Technical Specifications:

  • Marker: 13
  • Departure: Thumel (1895 m)
  • Finish: Rifugio Benevolo (2287 m)
  • Height difference: 393 m
  • Lenght: 3742 m
  • Duration Round trip: 1h30

Course description

Parking is provided in the locality of Thumel. The parking lot is large but be careful because part of it is for a fee.

To reach the hut there are two routes, the first is a farm road that, in the first part, you can also travel with a stroller. It is nothing more than the carriage road used to bring supplies to the refuge.

However, we do not recommend venturing out with a stroller but to use a fanny pack or backpack to carry the baby.

The second is trail number 13 which is faster because it climbs a lot but infinitely more scenic. If your babies are used to small treks, we recommend the latter trail. We, for example, hiked trail No. 13 uphill and the poderale downhill.

Trail No. 13 is a walk suitable for everyone, with no particular technical difficulties except for a few slightly exposed sections. Along the way you may spot cows and if you are lucky even marmots.
The trail first reaches the Lavassey pasture and then the Benevolo hut.

Several trails start from the refuge. For all the info I refer you to the refuge’s website.

You return by either going back along the outward path or the convenient farm road.

Trail arriving at the Refuge Benevolo
Trail arriving at the Refuge
Refuge Benevolo
Refuge Benevolo
Hike to the Benevolo Refuge with children
Hike to the Benevolo Refuge
Cow at refuge Benevolo
Cow at Refuge

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