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Aosta Valley: most beautiful walks with children


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We are great lovers of nature walks and are trying to pass on this passion to our daughters.

Over the years we have made several more or less challenging treks and, when the girls were born, we collected the most beautiful hikes within their reach so as to gradually bring them closer to the mountains.

Thus was born this list that describes what we think are the most beautiful walks in the Aosta Valley for families with children.


The itineraries we propose are basically nice walks that are more or less challenging (we will indicate length and elevation gain for each) but still require appropriate footwear and everything necessary to cope with a sudden change in weather. Except for the hike to Gressan, the others are treks above 2000 m with arrival at the refuge for lunch.

Remember to pack sunscreen and a hat in your backpack for younger children in addition to a k-way, which is always very useful in case of a sudden summer storm.

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Aosta Valley: the most beautiful walks to take with children

Walter Bonatti Refuge (Ferret Valley)

Bonatti refuge
View of the Bonatti Refuge

Technical Specifications

  • Marker: 28A
  • Departure: Lavachey, location La Remisa (1640)
  • Finish: Bonatti Refuge (2025 m)
  • Difference in level: 385 m
  • Lenght: 3000 m
  • Duration: 1h/1.30h for the ascent

Benevolo Refuge (Rhêmes Valley)

 aosta valley most beautiful walks children
Beginning of the trail leading to the Benevolo Refuge

Technical Specifications

  • Marker: 13
  • Departure: Thumel (1895 m)
  • Finish: Benevolo Refuge (2287 m)
  • Difference in level: 393 m
  • Lenght: 3742 m
  • Duration one way: 1h30

Champillon “Adolphe Letey” Refuge (Valpelline)

View from Rifugio Champillon
View from Rifugio Champillon

Technical Specifications

  • Marker: 9
  • Departure: Plan Detruit (2083m)
  • Finish: Champillon Refuge (2465m)
  • Difference in level: 382m
  • Lenght: 4400 m
  • Duration: one way 1h15

Place Moulin Dam (Bionaz) and lunch at Prarayer Refuge (Valpelline)

 aosta valley most beautiful walks children
View of the Lake

Technical Specifications

  • Marker: 9
  • Departure: Place Moulin (2011 m)
  • Finish: Prarayer Refuge (2005 m)
  • Difference in level: 44 m
  • Lenght: 4520 m
  • Duration: 1h

Lillaz Falls (Cogne Valley)

 aosta valley most beautiful walks children
  • Marker: 13L – 13
  • Departure: Lillaz (1610 m)
  • Finish: Lillaz (1610 m)
  • Difference in level: 100 m
  • Lenght: 1825 m
  • Duration one way: 0h40, 1h30 the ring.

Dondena Refuge (Champorcher)

The Dondena Refuge (2189 m), a former royal hunting lodge, is beautifully located within the Dondena basin, at the edge of Mount Avic Park.

You park your car and, following an easy dirt path that can also be traveled by bicycle, in about 15 minutes you reach the hut. Here you can stop for lunch or continue on to other routes.

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