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Visit to the City of Sunday in Perugia


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Sunday Town is a wildlife and nature amusement park located in Perugia, more precisely in the Ferro di Cavallo locality, two kilometers away.

After being in Leolandia in Capriate San Gervasio, Cowboyland in Voghera, Safari Park in Pombia and Pinocchio Park in Collodi, being in Perugia with our daughters, we could not miss a visit to the City of Sunday.


City of Sunday Perugia

The City of Sunday is a park of more than 45 hectares within which you can find wildlife areas with lots of animals, fairy-tale installations and small mechanical attractions for children, all surrounded by the beautiful Umbrian vegetation.

A map of the park is provided at the entrance where the various attractions are indicated. I recommend following it because the park is really big and, in some places, poorly marked.

Along the way, animal enclosures alternate with children’s games: among others, you can find a very high slide, a really well structured maze where you can get lost for quite some time, suspension bridges and tents in the apache area, inflatable area, Trojan Horse, etc.

As animals, on the other hand, horses, bison, donkeys, Maremma cattle, baby goats, peacocks, and storks, among others, can be seen enclosed in their pens, while deer and squirrels are free to roam around the park.

labirinth from above
suspension bridges
apache tents
white donkey

In addition to all this, there are reconstructions of buildings related to fairy tales, such as the house of the Three Little Pigs, the house of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio’s house with attached Puppet Theater and the Blue Fairy’s room, Little Red Riding Hood’s house with the wolf and grandmother, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Merlin’s Tower, and many others.

On weekends only, the kart track, the inflatable boat track, and the horseback riding school-at an additional cost-and children’s shows of Falconry and Far West are open.

The feeling of walking among the fairy-tale installations is just that of immersing oneself in a timeless place.

The park was opened in 1963 and the buildings probably have not undergone recent modernization although we found everything neat and tidy.

pinocchio's house
fairy tale station
Sleeping Beauty's Castle entrance
Sleeping Beauty's Castle
huge book

Reptile House

We recommend not missing the reptile house that has been set up in a small tower in the area in front of the entrance (near the parking lot).

Inside the well-maintained reptile house are crocodiles, giant snakes, and interactive panels useful for engaging the child in the visit.

Access to the reptile house is included in the park ticket.

Reptile House entrance
crocodile skeleton
interactive panels

Entrance fee and information you need to know before planning your visit

The entrance ticket to Sunday Town can be purchased directly at the ticket office or online at the official website (it may be helpful to know that it is nonrefundable).

Admission to the park is priced differently depending on whether you decide to go on a weekday or weekend.

Weekday – €16.50 full, €13.50 reduced (ages 3 to 10).

Weekend – €24.50 full, €18.00 reduced (3 to 10 years old). If you purchase a weekend ticket, you will receive a FREE park pass that will allow you to re-enter as many times as you like in the current year.

The fairly large difference in price comes from the fact that during the week all refreshment stands-except the one at the entrance-are closed, and the little train that goes around the park, the circuit with the inflatables and with the karts, and the riding school, are also closed.

In addition, there are also no children’s shows scheduled.

In contrast, there are no queues and you can get around without the weekend crowds.

The advice is to bring your own sack lunch and eat it in the picnic areas so you won’t have a problem if you get peckish and the food stations are closed.

In the area located above the Labyrinth for example, near the tables is a little house with several small books that children can take and leaf through.

Karts, inflatables and horseback riding are not included in the ticket price: karts and inflatables 2.50€ – horseback riding 4.50€.

Parking is free of charge.

Visit to the City of Sunday in Perugia: opening hours

The Sunday City is open from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm on weekdays, and from 9:30 am on weekends.

The reptile house, on the other hand, is open from 2:30 pm.

Information with strollers

The park is stroller-accessible, except for a few spots like Sleeping Beauty Castle, where it is advisable to continue on foot.

I do not recommend the baby carrier because the park is immense and it would not make sense to hold the baby “in your arms” when for the most part you can proceed with the stroller.

Even at the entrance you can find two access points, well marked: the stairs on the left and the stroller-accessible path on the right.

Stroller accessible entrance
Stroller accessible entrance


As is customary, we looked at the reviews on the internet before making the visit to the park, and the major criticisms are that the installations are outdated and that the entrance fee is too expensive.

We liked it very much, and as we had also explained for Pinocchio Park in Collodi, Città della Domenica is a wildlife park with added toys and installations that are a bit dated, we agree, but that are very reminiscent of fairy tales in which children can relive the stories and identify with the characters they know and love!

So in our opinion Sunday Town is definitely worth a visit if you are in those parts.

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