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Visit to the MMape, Mill Bee Museum


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The MMape Mulino Museo dell’Ape in Croviana in Val di Sole is really interesting, to bring adults and children closer to the wonderful world of bees.

During the visit, you will also be able to taste and, if you wish, buy the sweet nectar of the flowers, strictly from small local companies.

In this article you will find a description of the visit and useful information for organising your stay at the MMape.

Visit the MMape, Mill Museum of the Bee: what to see

Visit to the MMape, Mill Bee Museum

The MMape is housed inside an old water mill and was inaugurated in 2014 thanks to an association – which brings together more than 140 small beekeepers scattered throughout the Val di Sole – that supports and promotes its activity.

The tour inside the museum is divided into three sectors , namely the Nest of Bees, the Enemies of Bees, and the Life of Bees.

Through the guided tour of the MMape you can learn everything about bees: how they are born, how their day is structured, what dangers they face every day… And the importance of the bee for the life of all living things in the ecosystem, thanks to its daily pollination work, will also be explained.

The visit is a multi-sensory tour in which children and adults can actively participate by listening to the sounds coming from the cells that make up the beehive, observing a larva transforming into a bee or smelling the odour (pheromone) that the bee releases in different situations.


The visit ends in the tasting room where a tasting of three different types of honey will be offered.

How long does the visit to the MMape last?

The guided tour of the MMape, including honey tasting, lasts half an hour. The guide moves through the various sections fairly quickly, but the great thing is that, once the explanation is over, you can re-enter the tour on your own and calmly re-read the illustrative panels, watch the small videos in the dedicated room, and try out all the interactive stations at your leisure.

If, during the explanation, your child had lost interest a little, you will see that, being able to interact through the multisensory stations, he or she will soon become interested again

The visit is not recommended with buggies, better to be equipped with a baby carrier or backpack.

Visit the MMape, Mill Bee Museum: entrance ticket, opening hours and workshops

Admission to the Bee Museum costs €6.00 for adults, €4.00 for children aged between 5 and 14, free for children aged 0-4.

To view opening hours and to book a visit, have a look at the official website or call 328 3285780. Visits are only available after booking.

In addition to visiting the museum, the MMape organises interesting workshops on the work of beekeepers, bees and honey for children of all ages. See the official website for detailed information.

Where to park and what to do nearby

Visit to the MMape, Mill Bee Museum

The MMape has free parking near the entrance. At 400 metres you can find the recreational area Le Plaze di Croviana where there is a nice picnic area. Near the museum you can also take the Val di Sole cycle path.

Address – MMape Via al Molin, 3 Croviana (TN).


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