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Val di Rabbi tibetan suspension bridge


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The Val di Rabbi Tibetan suspension bridge is probably the most famous attraction in the entire valley.

It is a steel structure, anchored to the ground with concrete blocks, cantilevering over the Ragaiolo stream.

Getting there is simple, just a short path that, in about half an hour, leads to the Ragaiolo waterfall and the entrance to the bridge.

The entire excursion is practicable even with children as the bridge has high guards and there are no dangers.

It is not, however, suitable for those who suffer from vertigo.

In this article, we take you to Val di Rabbi and explain where to park and how to get to the Tibetan suspension bridge, with a description of the trek.

How to get there

The nearest car park is near the camper van area at the Plan: from here the bridge is about 30 minutes away.

Rabbi Valley closure

It may be useful to know that the valley is closed to traffic between the end of June and the beginning of September (updated timetable here), from 9.45am to 5pm.

During this time, you can park in Plazze dei Forni (for a fee) and take shuttle bus no. 1, getting off at the Plan stop.

You can also go on foot, extending the route by half an hour.

The shuttle costs €2.00 for adults, free for 0-11 years.

How long is the tibetan bridge in Val di Rabbi

The suspension bridge – or tibetan bridge – in Val di Rabbi is 100 metres long and is suspended 60 metres above the bed of the Ragaiolo stream.

Its bottom is made of metal gratings that allow a glimpse of the emptiness underfoot and, as you walk across it, the bridge wobbles a little.

This should be taken into consideration if you suffer from vertigo and if you have dogs that could injure their paws and get scared.

Val di Rabbi suspension bridge: route

From the Plan locality, continue along the forest road that leads to the Venetian sawmill ‘Bègoi’, skirting the Rabbies stream.

The first section is wide and almost flat. It is covered quickly.

When, after walking for about ten minutes, you come to the signpost for the suspension bridge, the gradient of the route changes radically.

Val di Rabbi tibetan suspension bridge

Here, in fact, a zig-zag uphill path begins which, a little more slowly, leads to the entrance to the suspension bridge.

The path is also easy to walk with small children (3⅟₂ / 4 years old) if they are well trained and already accustomed to hiking.

From the bridge, you can admire the Ragaiolo Waterfall and the majesty of the Rabbi Valley.

Once across the bridge, continue downhill through the forest until rejoining the initial diversions, thus completing a circular route.

Val di Rabbi tibetan suspension bridge

Part 2

The excursion to the Tibetan suspension bridge in Val di Rabbi is short, so if you wish, you can extend it a little by continuing on to Malga Fratte and/or the Saènt waterfalls and Malga Stablasolo.

For Malga Fratte, it is necessary to take the uphill path – shortly after the end of the suspension bridge – which leads to the malga in about twenty minutes, without too much effort.

Here you can admire some alpacas and you can sit at tables inside or outside the restaurant.

There are also a few free tables in the surrounding meadows for a packed lunch.

malga fratte
malga fratte

From Malga Fratte, you can continue towards the Saènt waterfalls by taking the path that descends into the woods (below the alpaca fence), and which leads to Colèr, in about 10 minutes.

Val di Rabbi tibetan suspension bridge
Val di Rabbi tibetan suspension bridge
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