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In Val di Non – Trentino with children: what to see


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Val di Non in Trentino, is the valley located north-west of Trento, adjacent to the equally famous Val di Sole.

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Val di Non is certainly the famous Melinda apple, the only brand in Italy to have received PDO recognition.

And one of the things we enjoyed most about this wonderful valley was getting lost among the rows of apple orchards, taking care that our little girls did not reach for the juicy, ripe apples!

We have toured the vineyards far and wide (especially in Piedmont) but in such a vast cultivation of fruit, we had never yet been.

Besides apples, Val di Non has many other attractions, perfectly balanced between nature and culture, suitable for the whole family. You can expect to stay from a couple of days up to a whole week!

So let’s discover what to see in Val di Non in Trentino with children and where to sleep.

In Val di Non – Trentino with children: what to see

This splendid valley in Trentino is the ideal place to plan excursions in nature, visit enchanted castles, admire lakes set among the mountains, and much more.

The castles of Val di Non

In Val di Non - Trentino with children: what to see

One of the most beautiful castles in Trentino is located in Val di Non and is Castel Thun, home of the illustrious Tono family, situated a short distance from the village of Vigo di Ton.

Already the road to get there, immersed in orchards, is a marvel and the castle interior, containing the family’s original furnishings, will also intrigue you.

For the complete visit, which does not require a guide, count about 1h30. It is not possible to enter with pushchairs. Go to the full article.

The lakes of Val di Non

Lake Tovel

tovel lake

Among the lakes to see in Val di Non, you cannot miss the famous Lake Tovel. It is a small mountain lake surrounded by a thick larch forest whose leaves turn yellow and orange during the foliage season.

Famous for the natural phenomenon that, in past years, coloured the water red, Lake Tovel is also a perfect destination in the summer when one can swim in its clear waters.

In addition, the lake is surrounded by an almost flat path, approximately 3 kilometres long, which lends itself well to a peaceful walk with children.

It may be useful to know that it is possible to go with a pushchair, but only up to half way (from the starting point, which is the Chalet Tovel, to the Albergo Lago Rosso). After that, the dirt road becomes a real mountain path and is no longer practicable with a pushchair.

To complete the tour of Lake Tovel on foot, count about 1h30.

In Val di Non – Trentino with children: what to see. The Two Lakes of Coredo and Tavon

In Val di Non - Trentino with children: what to see

The Two Lakes of Coredo and Tavon are two stretches of water – not suitable for bathing – where you can relax, picnic, fish, and play thanks to the presence of a beautiful children’s play area.

Or they can be the starting point for various walks including, for example, the one leading to the Sanctuary of San Romedio.

Go to the full article.

Excursions with children in Val di Non

Panoramic path in the Rock and San Romedio Sanctuary

san romedio

Truly suggestive is the walk built, in part, in a 19th century water channel that leads to the Sanctuary of San Romedio in about 1h.

Built on a spur of rock, the Sanctuary bears the name of the Saint who lived there around the 5th century. Next to the Sanctuary, a bear in semi-freedom can be observed from above.

The walk is not suitable for pushchairs and it may be useful to know that in some places on the path, the rock is 1.70 metres high so if, like us, you have a baby in your backpack, you will have to be very careful. However, it is not impossible to do and the walk is well worth it! Go to the full article

The museums of Val di Non

There are several interesting museums in the Non Valley, such as the Rhaetian Museum, a small but significant museum dedicated to the archaeological evidence of the Non Valley, from the Palaeolithic to the late Roman period. If you wish, you can also get there with a small diversions from the path leading to the Sanctuary of San Romedio.

Another interesting stop in Coredo is the Venetian Sawmill, which is only open on special days. You can view the calendar here .

Half an hour from Val di Non, on the other hand, a visit to the Muse, the Trento Science Museum, is not to be missed.

In Val di Non - Trentino with children: what to see

In Val di Non – Trentino with children: what to see. MondoMelinda

Melinda is a consortium in Val di Non of which more than 4000 fruit growers are members! It was founded in 1989 and deals with the cultivation and sale of apples, as well as apple and pear juices , strudels, mousses, jams, dried apple snacks etc. All this and much more, you can see and buy in the MondoMelinda store in Segno (Trento).

You can enter the production factory and watch a 3D presentation, in the Golden Theatre, of the underground storage systems that Melinda uses. All free of charge.

Prices in the store, on the other hand, are not particularly convenient. For information and opening hours, have a look at the official website.

Where to sleep in Val di Non

In Val di Non - Trentino with children: what to see
Alps Lover’s kitchen in Campodenno

ALPS LOVER – Delightful recently renovated flat, which combines mountain style with modernity. Kitchenette, dishwasher, and excellent breakfast included. The hot tub on the terrace is accessible to all guests – See here.

Agritur Casamela – Farm immersed in the apple orchards of Val di Non. Really spacious family room and abundant home-made breakfast, including cold cuts! – See here.

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