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The small lakes of San Leonardo in Vermiglio


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The small lakes of San Leonardo in Vermiglio are a special place because they combine the two attractions that children like most, namely the playground and the water!

In itself, the place is wonderful. We are located in the valley bottom of the village of Vermiglio at an altitude of 1260 metres, in one of the most beautiful leisure areas in the Val di Sole.

The small lakes of San Leonardo in Vermiglio

The San Leonardo lakes in Vermiglio: what to find


The green area of San Leonardo is basically a park, with free access, large lawns and picnic tables, and three small lakes in which ducklings swim.

Next to the ponds, there are several play areas for children, i.e. the classic games such as swings, seesaws, pulleys, etc., which are well cared for and well maintained like all the playgrounds in Trentino.

In addition to these, near the small lake further to the left, there are the magnificent water works games consisting of a pump, dam, pulley, sand and lots of water.

The small lakes of San Leonardo in Vermiglio
playground for children
slip for children
vermiglio park
plumbing games

The advice might be to bring a change of clothes for your children because at the end they will be so dirty and soaking wet but also so happy!

There is a fountain with drinking water in the park. As for the toilet instead, you can go to the one provided by the café (it is on the lower floor with its own entrance and you can enter freely).


Walk around the Vermiglio lakes

path near the lake

Vermiglio lakes allow for easy nature walks , even with a pram, as there is a dirt track that goes all the way around the park, skirting the lakes.

The path is flat, about 1 km and 500 metres long, and can be covered calmly in about forty minutes. The walk is also perfect in warmer weather because it is almost completely shaded.

Walk to the Palù Waterfall

For those who would like to take a slightly longer walk, from the Vermiglio lakes you can take the small bridge crossing the Vermigliana stream, and follow path number 35 that leads to the Palù waterfall.

The path is just under 1 km long (one way) and has an uphill difference in height of about 100 metres. Count about 40 minutes to walk along it. You return on the outward path. The route is not suitable for pushchairs.

The San Leonardo lakes in Vermiglio: how to get there

beautiful lake

Vermiglio is located in the upper Val di Sole. Follow the SS42 road and, once in the village, take the diversions down to the Vermigliana stream, following the signpost for the small lakes.

The San Leonardo lakes in Vermiglio: where to park and where to eat

Once at the stream, you will find the bar and a large clearing for parking. A small part of the car park is free, the other part you have to pay for.

Very convenient is the Chalet bar/restaurant to have a snack or lunch on the beautiful terrace.

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