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At the Sarnacli Mountain Park in Andalo with children


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The Sarnacli Mountain Park is an educational sensory park located in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, just a few minutes’ drive from the centre of Andalo.

Inaugurated in 2019, the Sarnacli consists of thirteen sensory installations through which all visitors, but especially children, can become familiar with the peculiarities of these mountains, through activities that bring all the senses into play.

Between climbing, barefoot trails, sound experiments, and tunnels to explore, there will be nothing to get bored about!

Let’s take a detailed look at what to do at the Sarnacli Mountain Park in Andalo with children.

At Sarnacli Mountain Park in Andalo with children: what to do


Park the car and continue on foot, passing the barrier that limits access to cars. After a few metres, on the left, you will find the wooden arch indicating the start of the trail.

The first of the 13 installations is the tactile path, meaning you walk barefoot along a short path made up of pine cones, bark and pebbles.

At the end of the path, one arrives at Selvapiana, the bear area: here there are several installations including a memory game and a station where one can insert one’s arms to transform into a bear for a few minutes.

This is followed by a wooden wall on which you have to climb like a climber on Piz Galin, and the Croz dell’Altissimo, which is made up of many coloured ropes joined together to form a mountain, to be climbed, of course.

The next stations are the Sas del Clamer where you can try your hand at building a stone man, the Malga Spora, the prairie habitat, and the Fibion, the rock habitat.

At Sarnacli Mountain Park in Andalo with kids
At Sarnacli Mountain Park in Andalo with kids

At this point, we arrive at Grostè, an amphitheatre of sounds, where children can ‘compose’ different melodies.

We continue on the Brenta Centrale, ready for the ferrata? It is a beautiful spot with Tibetan bridges and walls to climb.

We quickly pass the reproduction of the Rifugio Pedrotti to arrive at the next station, the most popular, which is a very high slide at the Rifugio Croz dell’Altissimo, the habitat of the scree.

A short walk through the forest leads us with eyes closed and nostrils open, a nice station where we can sniff the scents of the forest and guess what they are, concluding finally with the crucibosco to discover the real treasure of the forest!

How to get to the Sarnacli Mountain Park in Andalo

the Sarnacli Mountain Park is located in Plan dei Sarnacli, one and a half kilometres from Andalo. It can be reached by car or on foot from the centre of Andalo following Via Pradel and Chalet Plan dei Sarnacli (the restaurant inside). The route is uphill and it takes about half an hour on foot.

There is a large free car park near the entrance.

From mid-June to mid-September, there is a tourist train that takes you to the Sarnacli from Piazza Dolomiti (for information, contact 3339953348).

To the Sarnacli Mountain Park in Andalo with children: useful information

sarnacli park

Access to the Sarnacli Mountain Park is free. The path that winds among the 13 installations is not suitable for pushchairs as it has several ups and downs and is made of beaten earth.

The park can be used all year round, weather permitting. In the winter season it is usually covered in snow.

To complete the route at leisure, count 1h30 (in total it is approximately 500 metres long); you can of course stay as long as you like.

Some installations, such as the slide or the Tibetan bridge, can only be used by older children (aged 3/4). The barefoot path, on the other hand, will appeal to even the youngest children.

Inside the park, there is a restaurant bar where you can have something to eat.

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