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Saent waterfalls in Val di Rabbi


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The Saènt waterfalls are one of the unmissable places in Val di Rabbi.

It is a marvellous natural spectacle, located within the Stelvio National Park, which can be reached by a simple walk, also suitable for children.

If you wish, the trek to the Saènt waterfalls can be combined with the excursion to the Tibetan suspension bridge with a slightly longer walk, but still suitable for the whole family.

On the other hand, if you would like to shorten the route a little, in summer there is a shuttle service that takes you to Malga Stablasolo, at an altitude of 1536 metres.

From here, the first waterfall is only about twenty minutes away.

The second part of the route is steeper but also more suggestive: right here, in fact, the majesty of the high waterfall can be observed up close.

Then, to end on a high note, you can have lunch at the Malga Stablasolo, with typical dishes that are really tasty and plentiful.

In this article, you will find where to park, how to get to the Saènt Waterfalls with a description of the trek, and where to have lunch.

Let’s set off!

How to get to Saent Falls

The closest car park to the start of our hike to the Saent Waterfalls is the one located at Colèr: from here the waterfalls are about a couple of hours away.

Parking costs €5.00 midweek and €7.00 at weekends (€10.00 and €12.00 for motorhomes).

There is also an information point, a refreshment stand, public toilets, and a children’s playground.

Val di Rabbi closure

Val di Rabbi is closed to traffic between the end of June and the beginning of September (updated timetable here), from 9:45 am to 5 pm.

During these hours, you can park in Plazze dei Forni (also subject to a charge) and take shuttle bus no. 1, getting off at the Colèr stop.

The shuttle costs 2.00€ adult, free for 0-11 years.

Saent waterfalls in Val di Rabbi: technical specifications

Departure – Colèr car park, 1375 mt
Arrival – Saent waterfalls, 1750 m
Distance – 7 km
Total hiking duration – 3⅟₂ / 4 hours
Height difference – 430 metres


The hike to the Saènt waterfalls is one of the many beautiful hikes that can be undertaken in Val di Rabbi, which we love.

Itinerary we recommend is the one that goes up the Rabbies stream to the waterfalls and then continues to the Malga Stablasolo, for lunch.

The first section of the walk is quite easy: you keep to the right of the stream on geological path ST4.

Always following the course of the Rabbies stream, we ascend the gorge for about 2 kilometres until we reach a wooden bridge.

We are at the base of the waterfall and the first waterfalls can be glimpsed.

Saènt waterfalls in Val di Rabbi

Continue straight on (if you turn left, you will arrive at Malga Stablasolo).

Passing small uphill hairpin bends, we finally arrive at the beautiful Saènt waterfall, at the wooden bridge.

Here you can admire the flow of this waterfall up close (beware of splashing).

After taking the ritual photos, we resume the uphill path that rejoins path 106.

For those who still have legs, it is possible to arrive at Doss de la Cross, a panoramic point through which you can reach the higher Saènt waterfalls.

Between there and back, count another 2.5 kilometres and 200 metres of altitude difference.

At this point, the descent begins, leading first to the information point and then to the Malga Stablasolo, where you can have lunch.

Saènt waterfalls in Val di Rabbi
Saènt waterfalls

Where to eat at the Saent waterfalls: Malga Stablasolo

Malga Stablasolo is one of the many wonderful malgas in Val di Rabbi where you can sample typical Trentino dishes such as cold meats, cheeses, polenta, mushrooms, dumplings, and much more.

It is open all year round and can be easily reached on foot.

Its proximity to the Saent waterfalls makes it perfect for a lunch break or a tasty snack.

We also really enjoyed their homemade yoghurt with berries!

malga stablasolo
Panorama from Malga Stablasolo

Part two

To return to Colèr, we took the downhill path opposite Malga Stablasolo, which, in about half an hour on a quiet dirt road, led us back to our starting point, thus closing the loop.

Along the way, we encountered many grazing cows and flocks of goats, to the delight of our little girls.

Saènt waterfalls in Val di Rabbi

Saènt waterfalls and Tibetan bridge

If you have little time to spend in Val di Rabbi, or if you are quite fit, you could also organise a single hike connecting the Tibetan suspension bridge to the Saènt waterfalls.

For the entire hike, count about five hours.

You might be interested in the Val di Rabbi Tibetan suspension bridge.

The Park Game in Val di Rabbi

il gioco del parco

Il Gioco del Parco in Val di Rabbi is a children’s playground located near the Colèr car park, open from June to October with free access.

The protagonists are the colours and sounds of the natural elements.

The aim of the game is to arouse in children and young people various sensations derived from contact with nature.

There is no shortage of memory games, cards and notice boards for learning about the plants and animals that inhabit the Stelvio National Park.

But also more ‘physical’ games that may appeal to younger children who cannot yet read, such as towers to climb and bridges to cross.

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