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The most beautiful playgrounds in Trentino


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Trentino is a popular destination for natural beauty and mountain excursions, but it also offers many opportunities for children to have fun thanks to the numerous playgrounds in the area.

Below is a list of the playgrounds in Trentino that we liked best.

They are all well-organised, well-maintained, open-air, and free of charge.

Let’s get started!

Trentino playgrounds

Andalo Life Park

Trentino playgrounds

Not to be confused with the paidAndalo Life Family Activity Park, theAndalo Life Park is a huge free-access playground located in Andalo.

Here you will find installations of all kinds, both for small children and older children.

Inside the complex, there is a toilet, several tables for picnics, and a bar (a little cute).

Inside theAndalo Life Park, there is the pay-as-you-go Andalo Life Family Activity Park with more ‘adrenalin’ games such as rubber dinghy rides, go-kart rides, and other games suitable for slightly older children .

One can easily spend a whole day in the park without ever getting bored.

Go to the article.

Playground at the Vermiglio lakes

Trentino playgrounds

In Vermiglio, Val di Sole, there is a playground with free admission, located in a wonderful natural setting.

Extensive meadows and three small lakes are the setting for many games including pulleys, slides, swings, a large sandpit and the waterworks game with drill and dams. Go to article

The Park Game at Colèr

gioco del parco

The Gioco del Parco at Colèr in Val di Rabbi is not the classic playground with slides and swings.

It is an educational game that, thanks to questions and memory quizzes, provides information on the animals and plants that inhabit this area.

Suitable, therefore, for slightly older children. Go to article

Playgrounds in Trentino: Pejo Kinderland

pejo kinderland

Pejo Kinderland is a free-access playground located at high altitude (2000 metres).

The undisputed theme of the park is water.

You run the ball on downhill paths, regulating the flow of water with dams and plugs.

There is also a pulley, swings, slides, a sandpit, and a small climbing wall.

As mentioned, access to the Pejo Kinderland is free of charge but, to get there, it is necessary to take the cable car , which costs €17.00 for adults and €12.00 for children from 10 years old. Go to article

The Coredo Lake games

Trentino playgrounds

Also near Lake Coredo, there is a huge green area dotted with picnic tables and a well-kept playground.

Here the games are the classic ones – swings, slides, climbing wall and little else. Suitable for children from about 3 years old. Go to article

The Marmot Village

marmot village

The Marmot Village is located at Passo del Tonale at an altitude of 2244 metres.

It is probably one of the most beautiful playgrounds we have tested.

It is characterised by five play stations that can be reached by short walks, in a truly breathtaking natural setting.

The playground is free of charge, but even here you have to take into account the possible cost of the chairlift ticket, if you don’t want to walk there. Go to the article

The Pellizzano playground


We have returned several times to the Pellizzano playground because it is really well equipped with games, it is easy to access if you are staying in Val di Sole, and it has free parking just a few steps away.

Here you will find pulleys, sandpits, climbing ropes, trampolines, etc.. And then toilets and a fountain with drinking water to fill your water bottle.

It really deserves it! Go to the article

Sarnacli Mountain Park


Let’s go back to Andalo and more precisely to the Sarnacli Mountain Park, an educational sensory park which is also free to access.

There are 13 installations, including a barefoot path, a mega-slide, a ropes course, and a station where you can smell the scents of the forest and try to recognise them.

Very interesting and instructive. Go to the article

Muse playground

The Muse, Trento’s Museum of Science, is surrounded by a five-hectare park with a funicular railway, slides, swings, and routes to follow on bicycles or rollerblades.

There is also an educational vegetable garden and sound games where you can experiment with your own voice and listen to the sounds produced by the air.

There are also shady areas where you can relax, benches and small streams crossed by footbridges.

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