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Mini guide to Val di Sole


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Val di Sole is a valley in Trentino that offers so many possibilities for the visitor, especially in fine weather.

We discovered the Val di Sole thanks to my husband’s passion for mountain biking (the World Cup has been held in Commezzadura since 2006) and we always gladly return, discovering something different each time.

Below, you will find a mini guide to Val di Sole, with some useful information on how to get there, how to get around, and where to sleep.

Let’s go!

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Where Val di Sole is located

Val di Sole is a valley in Trentino, located in the north-west of the autonomous province of Trento.

Together with Val di Non, it is one of the Valli del Noce (Walnut Valleys), so called because the stream that flows through it is called Noce.

Val di Sole includes two other valleys, Val di Pejo and Val di Rabbi.

It has many villages, one more beautiful than the other, each with its own peculiarities, all to be discovered!

Little curiosityWhy is it called Val di Sole?

Val di Sole is so called not because the sun always shines (on the contrary, during the course of the year there are an average of 257 wet days, between rain and snow) but because of the place name sol, water, in honour of the divinity Sulis, Goddess of Water and source of life.

How to get to Val di Sole

Arriving in Val di Sole by car

Val di Sole can be easily reached by car, taking the A22 Autostrada del Brennero motorway to the San Michele all’Adige-Mezzocorona exit.

From here, in about 45 minutes, it is possible to reach Terzolas, one of the first villages in Val di Sole and access point, on the one hand, to Val di Rabbi and, on the other, to the numerous villages in the valley (Croviana, Mezzana, Pellizzano…).

Arriving in Val di Sole by train

To be able to fully appreciate all that Val di Sole offers, in our opinion, it is almost a must to travel by car.

If this is not possible, you can arrive in Trento by train and then use the Dolomiti Express to Mezzana.

From there, you can move between the various villages by bus.

Call Centre Trentino Trasporti – 0461 821000.

Arriving by plane

Val di Sole does not have an airport. The nearest airports are those of Bergamo, Milan Malpensa, Verona, Munich, and Innsbruck, from which transfers to Val di Sole depart.

The best thing once you have landed is to rent a car.

With Discover Cars, you can find the best rental offers available and compare them by car type and price – Go to the article if you want to learn more.

Trentino Guest Card

The Trentino Guest Card is a pass that allows free use of public transport and access to more than 60 museums, 20 castles and 40 attractions in Trentino.

The Trentino Guest Card also includes a tasting of local food and wine products and discounted purchases.

In addition, with the purchase of the card you receive discount codes to reach Trentino by Flixbus, MarinoBus, Itabus and Autostradale.

How do I get it?

The Trentino Guest Card is offered by the accommodation facility following the booking of your stay, at no extra cost.

The benefits of the Trentino Guest Card are extended to the whole family or group members who stay in the same accommodation facility.

Val di Sole Guest Card

From June to September, if you stay in the participating accommodation facilities, you can purchase the Val di Sole Guest Card at a cost of € 4.00 per person per day, and use the Val di Sole ski lifts free of charge.

You can get more information here.

Bears Val di Sole

You’ve probably heard the news about the boy who was attacked by a bear while jogging, and I won’t hide the fact that my mind ran to that situation while we were walking in Val di Sole last summer.

It also reminded us of our past encounter with a baby bear on a trail in Arkansas.

Fortunately, the baby bear was more frightened than we were and, as soon as it saw us, it went back into the thick of the woods.

We, terrified that his mum was around, turned back, even though we were only a few steps away from the summit!

That time, we had done a bit of reading up on what to do in the event of a bear sighting or close encounter and we leave you with some advice below.

You should know that bears can reach up to 50 km/h when running and are also excellent climbers, so it is almost useless to run away.

The best behaviour in the event of a bear sighting is to remain calm and back away slowly, without making any sudden movements.

As a preventive measure, we found the advice of hanging a bell from the backpack very useful.

The bear itself has no interest in attacking humans so, by signalling your presence, it should keep away.

If you do not have a bell, it may also be useful to whistle, sing, and talk animatedly if you have a hiking companion .

For assistance, you can contact 112 and you will be transferred to the department that handles emergency situations involving large carnivores.

Hotels in Val di Sole

In Val di Sole, there are many accommodation facilities, ranging from simple family B&Bs to family hotels and luxury hotels.

Where is it best to sleep?

If you travel by car with the idea of seeing and doing different things every day, then any village in Val di Sole is suitable.

If you do not have a car, on the other hand, the advice might be to sleep in the area around Dimaro or Mezzana, which are centrally located and well served by buses.

Finally, if the goal is to exclusively take nature walks and relax on a farm, then Val di Rabbi is perfect!

Where to sleep in Val di Rabbi

B&B Mas di Zonadi – Possibility of staying in a double room or in the studio with kitchenette. The farmhouse is tastefully renovated and the breakfast is excellent! – See here.

B&B Il Sorriso Dei Nonni – Very welcoming managers and breakfast with exceptional local products. Free parking and possibility to use the kitchen to prepare your own lunch or dinner – See here.

Agritur Maso Ciprianna B&B – Fabulous location in the countryside, excellent starting point for trekking in the valley. Excellent breakfast included and possibility to prepare meals in the shared kitchen See here.

Other hotels in Val di Sole

Hotel Ravelli (Mezzana) – Family rooms, flats and suites, Hotel Ravelli offers different solutions depending on whether you are staying as a couple or with your family.

It has a swimming pool, spa, in-house restaurant, children’s playroom and massage facilities. Wonderful! – Book here.

Hotel Niagara (Ossana) – Family rooms with excellent breakfast included and in-house restaurant, half board available. Free parking – Book here.

Hotel Arcangelo (Pelizzano) – Well-kept hotel, with friendly and helpful staff for every request. Spa, in-house restaurant, parking and free ski bus to the Folgarida-Marilleva ski lift – Book here.

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