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The Marmot Village at Tonale, Val di Sole


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The Marmot Village is a wonderful playground located at Passo del Tonale, more precisely in the locality of Valbiolo, at an altitude of 2,244 metres.

It can be easily reached from Passo del Tonale with the Valbiolo chairlift, in a few minutes, or on foot with a walk of 1h15/1h30 minutes. Full information on the trek here.

At the chairlift arrival station, in addition to the playground, you will find the Malga Valbiolo refuge, a bar-restaurant with typical dishes and a beautiful terrace from which to admire the panorama.

One of the 5 stations of the Marmot Village

The Marmot Village at Tonale, Val di Sole: what to do

Marmot Village at Tonale is a playground, with free access, divided into 5 stations , each located a short distance from the other.

the five stations
The 5 stations of the Marmot Village at Tonale

Children can find high slides, wooden houses inside which are information panels on marmots, tunnels where they can crawl like marmots into their burrow, a small water mill, operated by an auger, and much more.

In addition to the games themselves, the Marmot Village is worth a visit for the splendid setting in which it is set, facing the Presena glacier. Wonderful.

As you might surmise, the Marmot Village is so called because this area is the ideal habitat for marmots (and indeed you will see and hear several specimens).

Some useful information

Most of the games at the five stations are, in our opinion, intended for slightly older children (approximately 4 years old and up).

Remember to bring a change of clothes, as there are a few games with water, and above all a warm jumper and a windproof jacket even in the middle of summer, being above 2000 metres. When we were there at the end of August, it was 8 degrees.

tunnel marmots
slide very large

How to get to the Marmot Village at Tonale

From Passo del Tonale, as mentioned, you can get to Villaggio delle Marmotte and Malga Valbiolo by taking the Valbiolo chairlift, which is open from early June to early September.

You can find updated opening times and prices on the official website.

Or you can get there with a walk of an hour and a half, or a little less, on a path that is a little bumpy for buggies. It is 300 metres of altitude difference.

We, as usual, preferred the baby backpack . Our 4-year-old daughter suffered a little on the ascent, perhaps because of the rarefied air (we live at sea level). However, between grumbles and a couple of extra breaks, we made it to the top unscathed.

If possible, we recommend doing the route on foot to fully immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape of the Val di Sole!

On the way back, you can also make a stop at the small Valbiolo lake, with wooden games and relaxation stations. In summer, there is also a footbridge over the water. Go to full article

Where to park

At Passo del Tonale, right near the chairlift station, there is a large free car park where you can leave your car.

If you intend to go on foot, you can park there and take the carriage road to the right of the lift station, or drive a little further and park it near the Hotel Mirandola (there are a few spaces).

Where to sleep at Passo del Tonale

hotel garni pegrà
Family room at Hotel Garni Pegrà

Hotel Garni Pegrà – Family rooms furnished in rustic, warm and cosy style. Private parking and good breakfast buffet – Book here.

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