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Wimu, the Wine Museum in Barolo


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On the occasion of a weekend in the Langhe, we decided to visit Barolo and its unmissable Wine Museum.

Wimu, the Wine Museum opened its doors in 2010 inside the splendid Barolo Castle.

It was designed by the esteemed architect François Confino who, through the Wimu, wanted to tell of the close relationship between man and wine.

The Wimu offers an emotional journey into the world of wine with an immersive tour of wine culture .

Thanks to an interactive and entertaining approach, the visit never gets boring and is also suitable for families with children.

Let’s therefore see all the useful information to organise your visit to Wimu, the Wine Museum in Barolo.

Wimu, the Wine Museum in Barolo

The visit inside the Wimu, the Wine Museum, starts from the panoramic terrace and ends in the cellars of the castle where the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo is located.

In the 25 rooms celebrating the wine, the various stages of production are narrated and the importance of wine in the past is explained, all through images, sounds, plays of light and shadows.

The scenography is somewhat dated but still able to capture the visitor’sattention .

At the end of the visit, it is possible to taste Barolo wine, if desired, in the Enoteca Regionale.

Wimu, the Wine Museum in Barolo: visit route

After admiring the view from the terrace, one descends to the third floor where the actual tour begins.


Here, the story is told of how the birth of a great wine is the result of the incessant work of nature.

Moon, sun, every element of nature is connected with the cycle of the vine.

Each room is characterised by something curious or amusing, such as merry-go-rounds, small theatres, mirror games, which keep everyone’s attention, especially the children.

Wimu the Wine Museum in Barolo

One descends to the second floor where it is explained how wine has accompanied the history of mankind since the earliest times.

Throughout the centuries, wine has always been an element of inspiration.

It can be found in music, literature, figurative arts, and cinema.

It has left its mark on every era.

At the end of the visit, we descend to the first floor of the castle, which houses the 19th-century furnishings of the last Marquises Falletti di Barolo, fundamental figures in the creation of Barolo wine.


We descend further into the basement, where we find a perfectly reconstructed classroom of the Barolo College – founded at the behest of the Marquise Giulia in 1875.

Here, we can sit and watch a virtual master explain the secrets of wine.

sala collegio barolo

Finally, next door is the room known as the Temple of the Oenologist, which is set up with the historical wine-making rooms.

This concludes the visit to the Wimu, which is very interesting and enjoyable for the whole family.

Wimu for families

At the ticket office, you can request the WiMu Notes, a kind of travel diary with hints and facts about the museum.

The WiMu Notes is recommended for families with children aged between 6 and 12 years and costs €3.00 (to be added to the ticket price).

Alternatively, you can request the Esploramuseo, which is a kit offering games in the rooms and exhibits.

The Esploramuseo is recommended for families with children between 6 and 12 years of age and costs €4.00 (to be added to the ticket price).

The visit to the Barolo Wine Museum is entirely accessible with a pram, and there is a nursery where you can breastfeed your baby and a changing table where you can change your baby.

Wimu the Wine Museum in Barolo

How long does the visit to the Wimu last

For a visit to the Wimu, count on one hour. An extra half hour if you decide to participate in a tasting in the cellars.

Admission tickets and opening hours of the Wimu

The ticket costs €9.00 full price, €1.00 reduced 6-14 years for the first child (€3.00 from the second child), free 0-5 years.

It can be purchased on the day at the ticket office.

Every second Sunday of the month, families can take advantage of a special rate: €18.00 for 2 adults 1 paying child, €21.00 for 2 adults 2 paying children.

To see all the reductions and opening hours of the Wimu, which vary from month to month, I refer you to the official website.


A visit to the Wimu is an interesting and engaging experience for the whole family.

It is definitely worth it if you are visiting Barolo to immerse yourself in the world of wine and learn information and curiosities that you may not have had thechance to know yet.

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