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What to do at Boscopiano, the equipped area in Val Borbera


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The Boscopiano is an equipped green area of about 10,000 square meters located close to the Borbera stream.

Within it, you can find a ‘picnic area with tables and benches, a barbecue area, a kiosk that is both a tourist-information point for the area and a bar, access to the ponds and various trails for all trekking enthusiasts.

What to do at Boscopiano, the equipped area in Val Borbera: barbecue area

What to do at Boscopiano, the equipped area in Val Borbera

Access to the ‘Boscopian is free and free of charge. There is a large parking lot near the entrance, also free of charge.

In contrast, the kiosk is open only on weekends and only during the warmer months, roughly from spring to fall. When the kiosk is open, there is a charge for access to the tables.

Inside the Boscopiano, you can then find a large picnic area with tables and benches and a barbecue area where you can grill with friends or family.

There are two important pieces of information to know before you go: the first is that if your intention is to have lunch when the kiosk is open, you must reserve your table in advance, and the second is that if you want to grill, you must also reserve the barbecue station.

At Boscopiano you will also be able to find Take&Grill, or zero-mile meat shopping, which must be reserved at least the day before.

All the products provided are locally sourced, and the managers’ philosophy is precisely to introduce their guests to the products of the Val Borbera area.

Prices for eating at Boscopiano

Boscopian prices are as follows:

  • 15.00€ for table occupancy;
  • 6.00€ for BBQ station;
  • 5/7.00€ for the bag of charcoal.

Regarding meat prices for Take&Grill and appetizer, you can look below👇

take&grill price
What to do at Boscopiano, the equipped area in Val Borbera: price

If grilling is not the intention, you can find tasty sandwiches, yogurt from Val Borbera, and packaged ice cream at the kiosk.

Inside the Boscopiano there are restrooms.

For all the information, you can look at the official Boscopiano website.

Boscopiano: taking a bath in the Borbera stream

Boscopiano: taking a bath in the Borbera stream.
indian boscopiano

The Boscopiano rises at a large canyon formed by the flow of the Borbera stream between rocks.

The managers of the Boscopiano, four young men with a great desire to make known and enhance the territory of the Borbera Valley where they were born and raised, have created a path that leads to the bathing bed of the stream.

There are 162 scenic, clean and well-maintained steps leading from the picnic area to the very clear waters of the Borbera.

Also very nice is the rock, marked by the sign, that looks like an Indian’s face!

162 scenic
borbera valley
What to do at Boscopiano, the equipped area in Val Borbera

It is really a wonderful place to spread your towel and take a bath. The water is shallow and it is perfect if you have small children. You can also bring dogs.

Also at the kiosk, you can also rent a deck chair or sunbed for €3.00.

And once the day at the “beach” is over, you can return to the Boscopiano’s equipped area and enjoy an excellent aperitif consisting of cold cuts and cheeses.

These are all gastronomic delicacies from local businesses.

Boscopiano: trekking

Le Strette di Pertuso borbera valley

From Boscopiano, several more or less challenging trekking trails start, such as the one that goes to discover Le Strette di Pertuso, or more simply called Le Strette.

Le Strette is a spectacular river gorge, with sheer walls, formed by the Borbera stream between Località Pertuso in Cantalupo Ligure and Località Persi in Borghetto Borbera.

The gorge is about 6 kilometers long and up to 100 meters high in some places, dividing the low and flat Val Borbera from the higher and more mountainous Val Borbera, which reaches the summit of Mount Chiappo at 1,700 meters above sea level.

The scenic views along the trail are truly stunning.

For information on the Le Strette trail and all other nature trails in Val Borbera, you can contact the Boscopiano managers.

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