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Vendersi: a journey between Scarecrows and Lavender


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Vendersi is a small village of just over ten souls located in Val Borbera in the municipality of Albera Ligure, in the province of Alessandria.

Although it is a very pretty village, characterized by small houses with well-kept gardens and a privileged position on the valley-it is 720 meters above sea level-until a few years ago it was known to few people.

In fact, Vendersi was reborn in 2020 when Ivana and Silvia, two villagers, decided to transform it into the village of the Scarecrows, thus becoming an enchanted hamlet where time seems to have stopped.

the village

What to see

Throughout the village of Vendersi, some seventy scarecrows can be found intent on a wide variety of activities.

They are reproductions of actual scenes of peasant life from the last century-the Tavern, the Children’s Choir, Maga Miranda, the Rectory, the Elder doing a crossword puzzle-beautifully reconstructed.

Each mannequin is labeled with a name and is intent on performing a distinguishing task or activity.

Nothing is left to chance. The scarecrows are really well made and even change clothing depending on the season. Truly beautiful and distinctive!

the refuge
rocker crossword puzzle


You leave your car in the large free parking lot and head out to explore the small village. There is no recommended route, you can wander and browse independently being careful not to enter private property.

The village is small, in an hour at most you can get around everything. I recommend popping in to see the village’s ancient fountain, which “turned” 100 years old in 2022 and is within walking distance of the village center.

Taking the road out of the village, on the other hand, you will find one of the most romantic installations in Vendersi-that is, boyfriends kissing in front of the enchanting panorama of Val Borbera.

And if you plan to visit in the summertime, you can also see the fragrant lavender field at the top of the village!

ancient fountain
pay attention at bees

The Lavender Field in the Land of the Scarecrow

The Lavender Field is a privately owned field whose owner invites you to browse and walk among the rows.

Access is free, and if you want to take home a scented souvenir, you can buy lavender products, such as soaps, made by his wife.

Compared to the lavender fields we have already visited, the one in Vendersi is tiny but is set in a wonderful natural context and worth a visit if you are there in the period between mid-June and mid-July.

We were in the third weekend of July and the field had already been partly pruned.

lavender field
lavender field children
chair and table to relax

When to go to Scarecrow Country

The Scarecrow Village can be visited at all times, but during the winter months the number of installations decreases.

During the Christmas season, however, some installations are changed and adapted to the moment: the village tavern, for example, becomes the Nativity grotto.

For all information, you can visit the Vendersi facebook page.

Where to eat around Vendersi

In Albera Ligure, about a ten-minute drive from Vendersi, is the Hotel Ristorante da Bruno, a historic restaurant where you can eat traditional dishes in a simple, family atmosphere.

For a lunch of barbecued meat, we recommend instead La Tana in Borghetto di Borbera. For an excellent homemade ice cream – try the moranda or blackberry and lavender flavor – you need to go to Giò Bar in Cantalupo Ligure.

Vendersi: a journey between Scarecrows and Lavender. Nearby

About a 20-minute drive away is the Boscopiano picnic area, a green area where you can find barbecue stations and some relaxation, as well as be able to take a swim in the clear waters of the Borbera River or embark on one of the many marked treks. Continue reading

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