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Smarticket in Asti: one ticket for eight museums


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The Smarticket is a single ticket that allows you to visit the 8 most important museum sites in Asti.

Asti is about 1h30 minutes from Genoa, 1h45 minutes from Milan, and only forty minutes from Turin.

It is an elegant town that has much to offer and, thanks to Smarticket, you can discover its treasures at a really smart price.

Let’s take a detailed look at the fares and which attractions they include.

Smarticket of Asti: fares

The Smarticket of Asti, i.e., the single ticket valid for visiting eight museums, has a price of €10.00 for adults, €8.00 for concessions (over 65, under 18, students), and €5.00 for residents of the province of Asti.

I recommend purchasing the Smarticket even if the idea is to visit just one site, since, if you have the card, you will only pay €5.00 for admission to the site.

Smarticket of Asti: where to buy it

The Smarticket can be purchased on the site of the Museums of Asti or directly at the single ticket office of Palazzo Mazzetti, in the historic centre.

Opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00 (last entrance at 18:00). Closed on Mondays.

For information and reservations, please call +39 0141 530403 – 388 1640915 or email [email protected]

Palazzo Mazzetti is located in Corso Vittorio Alfieri, 357.

The museums of Asti included in the Smarticket

The museums included in the Smarticket are the following: Paleontological Museum, Palazzo Mazzetti, Crypt of Sant’Anastasio, Domus Romana, Palazzo Alfieri, Guglielminetti Museum, Troyana Tower, Complex of San Pietro in Consavia.

Update November 2023 – Despite being on the AstiMusei poster, the Paleontological Museum is NOT yet included in the Smarticket.

Tips for visiting Asti’s museums with children

If you have children in tow, some sites may be a little boring.

The advice then, is to focus on those that are more suitable for children.

One of these is the Palaeontological Museum: although it is not currently part of the Smarticket, it is really interesting for the whole family.

Also in Via Alfieri, pay a visit to the Crypt of Sant’Anastasio and, finally, to Palazzo Mazzetti.

If your child is old enough to walk – or if, on the contrary, he is tiny and fits in a baby carrier – it might be a nice experience to climb to the top of the Troyana Tower to admire the view from above.

Remember, however, that for safety reasons, from 1 November to 31 March, visits to the towers are suspended.

Palazzo Mazzetti with children


Palazzo Mazzetti is the palace where you can buy the Smarticket.

It is a splendid example of a Baroque aristocratic building that tells the story of Asti art from the 16th to the 20th century.

Families with children can ask at the ticket office for a booklet with the story of Flora , the museum’s mascot.

Flora will illustrate the most interesting works, trying to intrigue and involve children in the visit through questions and treasure hunts.

The museum also organises many initiatives for families at the weekend, through fun activities and workshops aimed at children aged 1 to 3 and 4 to 12.

Here the programme.

Inside, Palazzo Mazzetti also hosts temporary exhibitions, a bookshop with a family room with books and games, and a cafeteria.

Palaeontological Museum of Asti

Smarticket in Asti

Palaeontological Museum exhibits the numerous finds discovered in and around Asti.

The visit lasts one hour and includes the museum, exhibition and aquarium.

The main attraction for children is certainly the gigantic shark’s mouth that dominates the entrance.

But they will also be impressed by the prehistoric aquarium and the fossils that can be admired along the way.

This museum, as mentioned above, is not included in the Smarticket at the moment, but it is really nice and worth the €7.00 entrance fee for the adult (child free). Continue reading

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