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The Gnomovia of Mango: a walk in the Langhe

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Gnomovia of Mango is an immersive journey into the world of gnomes and other magical creatures.

It is a fairy tale in stages on a child’s scale, a truly stimulating and fun experiential path for little explorers.

Among other things, the walk winds its way through the vineyards cultivated with Moscato grapes, so for those who love the Langhe area, it offers truly evocative views.

Let’s set off!

gnomovia mango

The Gnomovia of Mango: a walk in the Langhe

Technical specifications

Length of the route – about 4 km.

Height difference – about 100 mt.

Maximum altitude – 535 mt.

Minimum altitude – 458 mt.

The Gnomovia of Mango: itinerary

The Gnomovia of Mango is a circular route of just under 4 kilometres.

If you wish, you can only cross the main part of about 2 kilometres.

The path starts in the centre of the village of Mango and is always well signposted.

The route is almost all dirt and flat and ends on the asphalt road leading back to Mango.

On the path, there are numerous scenes from the lives of the protagonists: the gnomes!

Gnomes in the gymnasium, gnomes on bicycles, gnomes at school… there’s something for everyone!

The trip to the Gnomevia is fun but also instructive: the sets, for example, were made almost entirely from recycled material.

It was great to see our little girls running ahead to be the first to discover which other gnome would be hiding around the corner!

Gnomovia of Mango

Along the route, there is also a bookcrossing station (you can take one book and leave another).

The route has an altitude difference of less than 100 metres and can be covered, in peace, in a couple of hours or so, depending on how many stops your children want to make.

The setting of the vineyards makes it a truly enchanting place, far from the chaos of the city.


Useful information

The Gnomovia of Mango is an itinerary that can be undertaken completely independently , but if you contact the Manganun Association, set up in 2021 to enhance the Mango countryside, a little earlier, you can be accompanied by volunteers and hear the story of how it came into being.

To book a guided tour, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] or call +39 348 5192362.

Address – Via Cossano Belbo, 12056 Mango CN.

The Gnomovia can be walked with a trekking buggy.


When to go

The ideal seasons in my opinion are spring andautumn.

In summer it could be really hot (there are no trees to protect you), and in winter the vines are dry.

There are no water fountains so don’t forget your water bottle and possibly sunscreen.

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