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Discovering Langhe with children


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I have always been in love with Langhe, and since I have been a mother I have looked for other destinations for family holidays, having the conviction that the Langhe was not feasible with children in tow.

Winery tastings with a toddler touching everywhere and not standing still? Goodness, no.

But yes!

You just have to find the right compromise between the needs of a child and a bit of thatcoveted relaxation we all need.

Follow me and you will discover that, surprisingly, you can organise lots of activities with children in the Langhe!

Discovering Langhe with children

Langhe, a fascinating territory full of beauty, home of good food and wine.

The Langhe, on its own, is the perfect destination for a couple’s trip and this, in theory, does not fit in with the needs of a family with children.

How, then, can one reconcile the desire to relax in front of a good glass of wine with a child who, on the other hand, is eager to move, touch and experiment?

Here are some ideas that will make a visit to the Langhe a pleasure, even with children in tow.

What to do in Langhe

Family-friendly cellar tours

It may seem unbelievable, but it is true: there are winery tours suitable for families.

To meet the needs of families with children, in fact, several wineries have joined together in the project Le Cantine dei Bambini (Children’s Cellars).

What does this mean?

Simply that, while mum and dad taste, the child can be in a space created especially for him with games that will keep him busy for quite a while, and the whole family is happy.

Having little girls, in fact, I know how difficult it is to keep them sitting at the table for more than 10 minutes.

And this, in my opinion, is a truly ingenious idea that makes wine-tasting in a winery in the Langhe also enjoyable for families with children.

And, above all, enjoyable and relaxing for everyone.

Josetta Saffirio Wines in Monforte d’Alba, for example, proposes The worthy gnome route, i.e. a visit to the winery and tasting of 4 wines including 1 Barolo for adults, and fruit juice for children in their own dedicated area.

Afterwards, using a map with a circular route around the winery, the children can explore the surrounding area .

Recommended for children aged 4 and over.

Another family-friendly winery is that of Gianni Doglia in Castagnole delle Lanze.

Here, too, children are welcome.

While the adults taste, the little ones can have fun with some wooden toys and, in fine weather, they can go out and play in the courtyard!

What to do in Langhe with children: visiting educational farms

cascina gabutti

Various farms in Langhe (and just about everywhere else by now) offer educational experiences for children aimed at introducing them to nature and knowledge of the territory.

And so green light to workshops of various kinds such as cheese production, encounters with animals, and guided tours of the vineyards.

Thanks to the activities proposed by educational farms, children are involved in practical and fun activities, always linked to the territory that surrounds them.

In Monforte d’Alba, for example, Cascina Gabutti organises three activities: From the egg to the chick, Discovering the Hazel grove, and Routes through the vineyards.

The activities, suitable for families with children, last 2 hours and must be booked in advance.

We, for example, participated in the route through the vineyards. Go to the full article.

Walks through the vineyards

How wonderful to walk in the Langhe, among the vineyards!

The Sentiero del Barolo, for example, is an evocative walk that winds for several kilometres among the rows of vines.

sentiero del barolo

The walk is a marvel, especially if organised just before the grape harvest when the grapes are ripe or in the autumn period with the red leaves.

But there is the possibility that a child might get bored.

With children in tow, then, what to do?

You can walk the Mango Gnomovia!

What is it all about?

The Gnomovia is a walk about 4 kilometres long (which can be shortened to 2 if desired) located in Mango, in the heart of the Langhe.

It offers an enchanting view over the Moscato vineyards and the presence on the path of gnomes and other magical creatures will surely work as an incentive to make even the laziest children walk!


If you want more information on the Mango Gnome Trail, you can read this article.

Another beautiful walk to take in the Langhe is the Nigelle Path in Niella Belbo.

The peculiarity of this path, are the fairy-tale installations scattered along the route that will surely capture the attention of your children!


The path is 2 kilometres long and can be completed in about an hour. Go to the full article.

Things to see in Langhe: Wimu, the Wine Museum in Barolo

The Wimu is the Wine Museum in Barolo that is characterised by a truly engaging exhibition itinerary.

At Wimu, in fact, you can discover the history of wine from the earliest times, through interactive and multimedia installations.

Almost every room houses a curious display that will keep even the youngest visitors interested.


In addition, at the ticket office you can request a family kit with games and quizzes to solve during your visit to the museum.

If you want more information on the Wimu in Barolo, you can read this article.

What to see in Langhe: Chapel of Brunate or Chapel of Barolo

chapel of barolo

The Chapel of Brunate or Chapel of Barolo, whose real name is Chapel of SS. Madonna delle Grazie, was built in 1914 as a shelter from the rain for workers in the vineyards.

It is called a chapel but was never actually consecrated.

Having become a ruin over the years, it has found new life thanks to the imagination of two internationally renowned artists, David Tremlett and Sol LeWitt.

The renovation work was commissioned at the end of the 1990s, by the producer of one of the most renowned brands of Barolo, Bruno Ceretto.

The result of the renovation, is a small masterpiece with vivid and flamboyant colours, surprisingly perfectly inserted in the Langhe landscape .

langhe with children

As the chapel is taken by storm at weekends, the very narrow, uphill driveway is closed to non-residents at weekends so you will have to park on the street and walk a kilometre.

Things to do in Langhe: the Chiesetta di Coazzolo and the Vigna dei Pastelli

Church of Coazzolo

church of coazzolo
langhe children

The Church of Coazzolo is the small deconsecrated church of the Beata Maria Vergine del Carmine, located in the municipality of Coazzolo, in the province of Asti.

Here too, the renovation bears the signature of David Tremlett.

Three colours predominate: yellow for the porticoed atrium, sienna for the body of the church, and olive green for the sacristy and the base.

The Coazzolo church is also located in a panoramic position, surrounded by the Moscato hills and with Monviso in the background.


The Vineyard of the Pastels (Vigna dei Pastelli)

vigna dei pastelli
langhe children
vigna dei pastelli

500 metres from the church is the Vigna dei Pastelli, a private vineyard but accessible to all, decorated with several giant coloured pastels.

You can leave your car near the Coazzolo church and continue on foot along the paved road.

The last hundred metres or so goes up through the vineyards and is not suitable for walking with buggies.

Discovering the giant installations in Langhe

Big Bench, Chairs and Swings

The Big Bench are now known by everyone.

They are colourful king-size benches, placed in various points in the Langhe area (and beyond), mostly in panoramic positions.

There are now many of them (a complete list can be found on the Big Bench Community Project website).

In addition to being an original and fun idea, these giant installations were created with the aim of enhancing the territory in which they stand.

Not everyone knows, however, that alongside the Benches, there are the Big Chairs and the Big Swing.

big chairs
big chairs
langhe children
altalena panorama

They are both located in Cossano Belbo and are part of the Big Chairs Tour, an itinerary that leads to the discovery of several giant installations, positioned a short distance from each other.

Events or festivals

If confusion does not frighten you, then going to a fair might be for you.

Indeed, throughout the year, the Langhe hosts several festivals and food and wine events, famous throughout Italy.

Moreover, if at first these events were aimed at an adult visitor, in recent years they have increasingly turned to families, thanks to the numerous workshops for children aimed at both playing and learning.

I would particularly highlight the Truffle Fair in Alba in October and November with the Alba Truffle Bimbi.

Vinum, also in Alba, is a large event dedicated to the wines of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, which runs from the end of April to mid-May.

Vinum Bimbi can also be found here.

And again, Cheese the festival dedicated to cheeses that takes place in September in Bra and Pollenzo.

In some cases, participation in the workshops is on payment, in others free, and in all of them the playful aspect is combined with an educational aspect.

Advice on where to sleep in Langhe

Choose family-friendly structures

When I had to book our stay in Langhe, I came across several Adults Only solutions.

This, surely, is designed to preserve the tranquillity of a couple’s stay, even if, as a parent, it makes me a little angry not to be able to book wherever I like just because I am travelling with children.

The advice, therefore, is to choose facilities that are child-friendly and perhaps organised with services tailored to the needs of a family.

Finding, for example, the cot with bars in the room without having to bring along the camp bed for maybe just one night, is a nice convenience.

And, why not, also having a small babysitting service so that you can, perhaps, treat yourself to a quick tasting in the winery’s wine cellar or a little relaxation in the wellness room, if present, is always a pleasure.

Obviously, all these additional services are paid for, and not a little.

Where to sleep in Langhe with children

Below, you will find two solutions suitable for families with children.

The first choice is a little more affordable for everyone, while the second is quite elite.

Albergo del Bramante – Located in Roccaverano, it offers tastefully renovated rooms with an excellent breakfast included.

The offer is completed by a swimming pool, an in-house restaurant, and the possibility of requesting a free cot 0-3 years old – Book here.

Relais San Maurizio – Located in Santo Stefano Belbo in a former 17th century monastery, the Relais San Maurizio offers an unforgettable experience.

Outdoor and indoor swimming pool, spa, wellness centre, gym, two restaurants, babysitting service, and play area.

Included in the room rate is an excellent buffet breakfast, access to the spa, early check-in, late check-out, and flexibility to change dates in case of unforeseen circumstances.

All these services are charged but will certainly make your stay in the Langhe with children much more relaxing! – Book here.

Map of Langhe

Below, you will find a map of Langhe with the attractions mentioned in this article.

Where Langhe is located

Langhe is a hilly territory situated between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, in the heart of Piedmont.

The term Langhe, derives from the Piedmontese word ‘langa‘ meaning, in fact, ‘hill‘.

How to get to Langhe

The closest airports to Langhe territory are Milan airport to the east, Genoa airport to the south, and Turin airport to the north-west.

As far as the train is concerned, only a few lines run direct routes and they are those from Milan to Turin (1h), from Turin to Alba (1h10), from Genoa to Asti (1h20), from Rome to Turin (4h30), from Paris to Turin (with the TGV, 5h30).

The best way to get around Langhe is, without a doubt, by car.

In this way, you can reach the most beautiful villages and natural sceneries in complete autonomy.

There are also guided food and wine tours with transfers from the nearest towns, which offer a taste of the Langhe to those with time on their hands.

For example, the tours offered by GetYourGuide are very good.

▶ If you are arriving by plane and need to rent a car, you can compare the deals offered by rental agencies and save 70 percent by booking your car on the DiscoverCars portal.

I talk about it HERE.

Langhe with children: conclusions

I love travelling and my motto is ‘every left is lost‘!

Every trip is an opportunity to see new things and make memories with your family.

With this post, I hope I have given some useful hints to families who, like us, have a passion for Langhe but still have to cope with small children.

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