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A day in Borgio Verezzi


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A jewel of western Liguria, Borgio Verezzi is located between Finale Ligure and Pietra Ligure and is nicknamed “the town of theater” because of the Theater Festival held there every year in July and August, which has given birth to several actors and directors who later became nationally renowned.

It was only in 1933 that the two municipalities of Borgio – by the sea – and Verezzi – in the hills 300 meters above sea level – were united into the single united municipality of “Borgio Verezzi.”

Here you can spend an entire day with your family visiting the famous Caves, strolling along the waterfront, and taking the various thematic paths to explore the hamlets of Verezzi that offer enchanting views of the Ligurian Sea.

Villages decorated for "Verezzi in Bloom"
Villages decorated for “Verezzi in Bloom”

Borgio Verezzi: what to see

A visit to the picturesque town of Borgio Verezzi could start from the “modern” part, which is Borgio, characterized by a beautiful promenade overlooked by restaurants and bathing establishments, and an old town center where there are historic buildings and small churches such as the Cathedral of St. Peter-open daily-and the keep dating back to 1564, built for defensive purposes.

Recently restored, it now houses the headquarters of various local associations.

About a hundred meters from the promenade are the famous Borgio Verezzi Caves and a nice playground where you can entertain your children.

▶ If you want more information about visiting the special Borgio Verezzi Caves, you can check out this article.

borgio verezzi promenade

Borgio Verezzi: what to do

the four boroughs of borgio verezzi

Near the Caves, one of several paths leading to Verezzi and its villages Poggio, Roccaro, Piazza, and Crosa starts.

There are three thematic trails that branch off between the villages and are called: nature trail (5.5km long), culture trail (3km long), and geological trail (6km long).

The routes are all marked with descriptive panels that, depending on the type, illustrate the botanical, geological, and faunal features of the area and historical places.

These are ancient stone mule tracks that wind among the small houses, olive trees and cultivated vegetable gardens.

The routes are not particularly difficult but they are uphill and the maximum altitude that can be reached is about 320 meters so for a child it can be a bit tiring.

We, for example, after the visit to the Caves, took the car back and parked near Borgata Piazza so as not to tire our 3 1/2-year-old daughter too much and preclude us from continuing the tour at a leisurely pace.

An ‘alternative could also be to take the 84 bus, get to the top of the highest hamlet, which is Crosa, and then walk down.

In any case, the climb is rewarded by the incredible views of the Ligurian coast and the other hamlets perched on the hill.

Verezzi, of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Since 2008, Verezzi has been listed as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, and walking through its hamlets, it is easy to see why.

Gracefully restored, they retain the flavor of yesteryear with their cobbled streets, small stone churches, and little stores where you can buy an authentic souvenir.

It is precisely in Piazza Sant’Agostino in Borgata Piazza that the Theater Festival has been held every summer since way back in 1967, and, also here, we find the Church of Sant’Agostino in a very panoramic position-in fact, it is no coincidence that it is one of the favorite locations for newlyweds.

Very interesting is the Phoenician Mill, in Borgata Crosa, which has the driving blades implanted inside instead of outside, exploiting in this way the wind coming from any direction. This innovation was introduced by the Phoenicians from whom the mill takes its name.

Also in Borgata Crosa, the Cross of the Saints, planted in 1664 by Capuchin friars returning from the Holy Land and still a pilgrimage destination. and the Mothers’ Bell, which rings every day at 7 p.m. in memory of deceased mothers, deserve mention.

If possible, we recommend a visit during the “Verezzi in Bloom” event, which is usually held in April and May, when truly beautiful flowered corners are set up in the four hamlets!

poggio village
piazza village
piazza village verezzi
opificio of verezzi
s. agostino church
place village verezzi
view of Ligurian Sea
s. agostino place
thematic trails verezzi
verezzi mule track
verezzi in bloom
verezzi mule track
verezzi with kids
crosa village

Borgio Verezzi: where to sleep

We recommend Ca’ d’Alda located in Verezzi, in a very panoramic position! Breakfast and parking included, and children under 4 are free. Book here.

Ca' d'Alda in borgio verezzi
Ca’ d’Alda at Verezzi

Borgio Verezzi: how to get there

To reach Borgio Verezzi by car, one must take the Finale Ligure freeway exit and drive the 3 km on the Aurelia in the direction of Pietra Ligure.

Once there, one can decide whether to visit Borgio, its waterfront and the Caves or the hamlets of Verezzi, and in this case one must take the uphill, well-marked road.

Where to park in Borgio: free parking lots

In Via dell’Acquedotto, near the Borgio Verezzi Caves, there are free parking spaces and parking spaces with 2h parking discs.

Where to park in Verezzi: free parking lots

There is a dirt clearing on Barilli Street where you can park your car for free and explore Borgata Piazza or Borgata Crosa.

Where to eat in Verezzi

Antica Società 1893 – Located in Borgata Piazza, this little restaurant offers a panoramic terrace overlooking the Ligurian Sea and truly delicious seafood cuisine!

Menu a bit revisited and for the girls we asked-and got, no problem-a simple pesto pasta dish. We recommend the cappon magro!

Antica Società 1893 restaurant in verezzi
Antica Società 1893 restaurant in verezzi cappon magro

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