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Carnival Loano 2024 – CarnevaLoa


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CarnevaLoa is the carnival that has been celebrated in Loano, a beautiful town on the Riviera di Ponente, for over a hundred years!

CarnevaLoa 2024 is the biggest carnival in Liguria , with a month of celebrations featuring a parade of floats and traditional masks, entertainment, music, and lots of fun for adults and children.

Let’s discover together the dates and the programme of the Loano Carnival, CarnevaLoa 2024.

Dates of the Loano Carnival 2024

The CarnevaLoa will be staged in Loano from 28 January to 25 February 2024.

Carnival Loano 2024

The CarnevaLoa

It is only thanks to the associations of volunteers, which have succeeded one another over the years, that the historic tradition of the Loano Carnival has managed to reach the present day.

Since 1992, the association that takes care of it is Vecchia Loano, which, with commitment and passion, dedicates itself to the construction of the floats several months before the event.

Today, CarnevaLoa is recognised by the Region as the ‘largest carnival in Liguriain terms of the number of floats, and is also recognised as a ‘historical carnival‘ for its important role in promoting tourism in the area.

The CarnevaLoa 2024 programme

  • Sunday, 28 January 2024

CarnevaLoa opens on Sunday 28 January at 14:45 in Piazza Italia with the Ceremony of the Delivery of the Keys by the Mayor to the official mask of CarnevaLoa – U Beciancin – and to the Carnival King – Puè Pepin.

This will be followed by the parade of traditional masks with folkloristic entertainment.

  • Sunday 11 February 2024

Sunday 11 February at 3 p.m. in Piazza Massena is the Children’s Carnival with entertainment, music, and tasting of typical Carnival sweets.

  • Sunday 18 February 2024

Sunday 18 February from 15:00 there will be the Palio dei Borghi, the real attraction of the Loano 2024 Carnival.

The Palio dei Borghi is the parade of allegorical floats that reach 7 metres in height and 8 metres in length.

The arrival of each float is preceded by cute groups of children, masked according to the theme of the float, who dance to the sound of music.

It may interest you to know that more than two hundred people, including blacksmiths, electricians, mechanics and painters, work on the creation of the floats.

In addition to these, there are the aforementioned volunteers who contribute to the construction, filling the papier-mâché shapes.

  • Sunday 25 February 2024

Sunday 25 February will be the final day of CarnevaLoa: the Palio dei Comuni, a parade of carnival floats, will be staged from 3 p.m. onwards.

In case of bad weather, the parade will be held on 3 March.

Carnival Loano 2024
Carnival Loano 2024

Loano Carnival 2024: useful information

Admission to the CarnevaLoa is free.

To find parking, the advice would be to arrive in Loano well in advance of the start of the parades, ideally within the morning.

Also be careful on the way back home as you may find exaggerated traffic jams on the motorway.

The solution could be to go by train (Loano has a train station) or to stop for dinner and return when most of the traffic has cleared.

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