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Beigua Regional Natural Park


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The Beigua Regional Natural Park is a protected natural area located in Liguria in a territory that extends between the metropolitan city of Genoa and the province of Savona over an area of 8715 hectares.

Besides Genoa, the Park includes ten other municipalities such as Arenzano, Campo Ligure, Cogoleto, Masone, Rossiglione, Sassello, Stella, Tiglieto, Urbe and Varazze.

Thanks to its exceptional geological heritage – rocky outcrops, mineralisation, fossiliferous deposits, etc. – in 2005 Beigua became a European and World Geopark. In 2015 it was recognised as a UNESCO site and included in the list of Global Geoparks.

The Beigua Park is a spectacular natural area where twenty-six kilometres of mountain ridges meet the sea: the panorama over the Gulf of Liguria is postcard-perfect .

Thanks to the numerous hiking trails present, the Beigua Park is a paradise for hikers and those who love being in contact with nature!

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Beigua Regional Natural Park: what to do

Beigua Regional Natural Park

Within the Beigua Regional Natural Park you can find several hiking trails of varying difficulty. In addition, the Geopark is traversed by theAlta Via dei Monti Liguri, a hiking route of about 440 km in length.

The Alta Via dei Monti Liguri runs through the entire region of Liguria from Ventimiglia in the west to Ceparana in the east, on the border with Tuscany.

It crosses the Beigua Park offering extraordinary views from the Apuan Alps to Monte Rosa, passing through the Gulf of Genoa.

The route is divided into 44 stages of varying length and difficulty and, along the way, there are several refuges where you can find refreshment.

Travelling along the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri you may also be lucky enough to encounter many animal species typical of these areas, such as roe deer, hares, badgers, and various bird species such as eagles, larks and woodpeckers.

Within the park, you can find easy walks for families with children, day treks and challenging multi-day treks.

Two access points, from where a variety of hikes depart, are the Pratorotondo refuge from which you can reach, for example, Monte Rama, Bric Resonau, Torbiera del Laione, and the Faiallo Pass from which you can go to Monte Reixa and Monte Argentea.

But there are truly a thousand excursions to be made within the park of all lengths and difficulties.

When to go to the Beigua Regional Natural Park

All seasons of the year offer a reason to organise a walk in the Beigua Regional Natural Park, as in spring you can admire the numerous and colourful blossoms, in autumn a visit to admire the foliage is a must. and in winter the snow-covered mountain merges with the sea, creating a truly suggestive spectacle!

Being above 1000 metres, summer is also a good time to organise a trek in the Geopark, thanks to the cooler temperatures.

Beigua Regional Natural Park
Spring blooms in Beigua Park

How to get to Beigua Regional Natural Park

The motorway exits of the A10 Genova-Ventimiglia that you have to take to get to the Beigua Regional Natural Park are those of Genova-Voltri. Arenzano, Varazze, Celle Ligure and Albisola. If, on the other hand, you arrive from the A26 Voltri-Santhià, you must exit at the Masone toll booth.

The advice is to inform yourself in advance about the trekking you would like to do because the Beigua Park is very large and if you take the wrong motorway exit there is the risk of having to drive another 30 km to get to the starting point of the excursion.

A list of the trails can be found on the Park’s website.


Where to sleep in the Beigua Regional Natural Park

In the Beigua area, you can find different solutions depending on your interest. You can decide to spend the night in a refuge located within the protected area, immersed in silence and nature.

Or in a more comfortable accommodation located on the Ligurian Riviera, perhaps in Varazze or Arenzano, which are the main access points to the Park’s trails.

For all trekking enthusiasts, you may be interested in the Beigua Park guide:

Beigua Geopark Trails

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