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The most beautiful beaches in Liguria

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Liguria is famous for its Rivieras in which the Mediterranean maquis and the characteristic colourful buildings of its towns frame enchanting beaches and crystal-clear waters.

As many as 34 blue flags have been awarded to the region, synonymous with high standards of water quality and sustainable land management by the seaside resorts.

Liguria certainly has the most striking beaches in Italy.

Free or equipped, with fine sand or pebbles, they are the ideal destination for any type of visitor.

Let’s discover together the most beautiful beaches in Liguria, from Ponente to Levante.

The most beautiful beaches in Liguria

Beaches of the Riviera di Ponente

Riviera di Ponente offers, for the most part, sandy beaches and very characteristic localities such as, for example, Varazze, Cervo, Alassio and Diano Marina.

Along this strip of land, equipped bathing establishments alternate with free beaches (few, actually).

Let us therefore see the most beautiful beaches on the western Ligurian Riviera.

Balzi Rossi Beach – Ventimiglia

liguria beaches

The Balzi Rossi cove is located a stone’s throw from the French border and is rightly called the ‘Ligurian Riviera‘.

The gently sloping seabed and crystal-clear waters delight snorkelling enthusiasts.

For those who would like to rent a sunshade and sunbed, it might be interesting to know that the prices are starred (about 70.00€ per person).

The service also includes the shuttle from the car park to the beach, and vice versa.

Alassio Beach (SV)


Shallow water and fine sand are the peculiarities of this strip of coastline, very popular with families.

The beach in Alassio includes equipped areas and free areas (few).

Colourful buildings and the pretty old town centre frame this enchanting seaside resort.

An attractive seafront promenade with wonderful fish restaurants completes the offer.

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Most beautiful beaches in Liguria: Spiaggia dei Pescatori – Noli (SV)

The Spiaggia dei Pescatori (Fishermen’s Beach) in Noli is characterised by a sandy shore mixed with gravel and pebbles and a crystal-clear sea.

In the centre of the beach – the only completely free spot – are the colourful fishermen’s boats flanked to the right and left by numerous bathing establishments.

Baia dei Saraceni – Varigotti (SV)


The beach at Baia dei Saraceni consists of a narrow sand and pebble beach and wonderful crystal-clear waters that turn from green to blue.

Seabed is rich in fish of all colours, thanks to the outcropping ‘beach rock‘ formations, traces of an ancient geological past.

The beach is free and parking for cars (for a fee), as in most places on the Riviera, is very limited.

Levante Riviera Beaches

The beaches of the eastern Ligurian Riviera, compared to the western Riviera, are much less extensive and are mostly characterised by pebbles and gravel.

With hidden inlets and coves, this side of Liguria is definitely wilder.

Camogli Beach


For those arriving in Camogli by car, needless to say, there is the usual problem of parking.

For those arriving by train, however, a quick flight of steps takes you directly to the sea promenade.

Here, too, bathing establishments alternate with free stretches and the beach is characterised by pebbles.

The seabed slopes rapidly , so it is not very suitable for families with small children.

The view, however, is enchanting!

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Most beautiful beaches in Liguria: San Fruttuoso beach – Camogli

san fruttuoso

San Fruttuoso beach is located directly in front of the Romanesque-style abbey of the same name, dating back to the year 1000.

Here, too, the water is crystal clear and the panorama is breathtaking!

To reach this little cove in the Portofino Regional Park, you can either take the boat or walk along one of the paths cutting through Monte di Portofino.

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Bay of Paraggi – Santa Margherita Ligure

liguria beaches

The Baia di Paraggi is located halfway between Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure, and is characterised by fine, light-coloured sand, a rarity for the area.

The colour of the sea has an emerald hue!

For those arriving by car, it may be useful to know that, just behind the beach, there is a pay car park that costs €6.00 per hour!

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Baia del Silenzio and Baia delle Favole – Sestri Levante

sestri levante

Counted among the most beautiful beaches in Italy, the Baia del Silenzio is an enchanted place characterised by the typical colourful houses of Ligurian seaside villages, overlooking a sandy seafront.

Even more suggestive, in my opinion, out of season.

The Baia delle Favole is the other beach in Sestri Levante that owes its name to the artist Andersen, who was struck by its fairy-tale character.

This beach, surrounded by maritime pines and crystal-clear sea, is overlooked by several clubs and restaurants.

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Levanto Beach

Located at the gateway to the Cinque Terre, Levanto has a wide beach with a gently sloping seabed.

Part of the beach is equipped and part is free, and the convenient parking area (for a fee) is located right on the seafront.

In addition, a beautiful, flat bicycle path of about 6 kilometres connects it to the towns of Bonassola and Framura.

Framura beach

liguria beaches

There are several bathing options in Framura: from narrow coves that can only be reached by walking along a footpath (Arena beach), to beaches that are more convenient for those arriving by car or train (Porticciolo and Torsei).

Those that are more easily accessible are equipped with toilets, showers and bars.

Beaches for dogs in Liguria

There are several beaches in Liguria where dogs are welcome.

To name a few, the Bau bau beach in Albisola Marina, with an agility field and a market, and the Baba beach between Albenga and Alassio.

Other dog-friendly beaches can be found in Pietra Ligure, Noli, Varazze, and Finale Ligure (here there are 15!).

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