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Where to have picnics and barbecues in and around Genoa

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Summer brings with it an irresistible desire to spend more time outdoors, enjoying the sun and all that nature has to offer.

Around Genoa, there is no lack of parks and green areas where you can relax and have a nice picnic, or barbecue, with family and friends.

Here, then, are some suggestions on picnic and barbecue areas that you can find in and around Genoa.

Where to have picnic in Genoa and its surroundings

Parco delle Mura

where to have barbecue in genoa

The first place on the list could only be the Parco delle Mura Natural Area, a destination for those who want to be in contact with nature while remaining within walking distance of the centre of Genoa.

Natural Area comprises something like 900 hectares of meadows and woods, straddling the Val Bisagno and Val Polcevera.

Parco delle Mura puts everyone in agreement: here, in fact, you can find paths where you can go trekking, meadows and tables where you can have a picnic, and a play area for children.

To get to the Parco delle Mura, on the Righi, you can use your car and park it freely by the roadside; you can take the Zecca – Righi funicular railway and then walk a stretch of road or take the Trenino di Casella that leaves from Piazza Manin.

▶ In this article, you will find detailed information on the Parco delle Mura Natural Area.

Villa Imperiale

villa imperiale

In the San Fruttuoso district, there is the imposing Villa Imperiale Cattaneo, where in 1502, the nobleman Lorenzo Cristoforo Cattaneo hosted no less than the King of France, Louis XII.

Today, the villa is home to the Lercari Civic Library.

Villa Imperiale is surrounded by a magnificent park laid out on several levels on geometric terraces.

Walking through the holm oak, cedar and cypress woods is very relaxing.

Inside, there are some picnic tables and two children’s play areas: a small one located near the main entrance, the other larger and with a wonderful view of the city, at the top of the park.

Villa Croce

Villa Croce is a 19th-century villa in neoclassical style, donated in 1951 by the Croce family to the municipality of Genoa, with the constraint of making it a museum.

Since 1985, the villa has housed the Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art, with more than 3,000 works including paintings, sculptures, and photographs.

In front of Villa Croce, there is a beautiful lawn where you can spread your tarp and have a picnic.

Inside the park, there are also a few tables and a play area for children.

Villa Croce park is located in the Carignano district.

You can access the park either from Via Ruffini or from Corso Aurelio Saffi.

If you arrive by car, the ideal is to look for parking in the vicinity of the Galliera Hospital.

By bus, instead, the no. 35 (from Piazza de Ferrari takes about ten minutes), stops in Via Vannucci, opposite the entrance to Villa Croce.

Where to have picnic in and around Genoa: Nervi Parks

where to have barbecue in genoa

Another wonderful location for a picnic in Genoa is undoubtedly Nervi with its relaxing parks, just a few steps from the sea.

Here you can spread your tarp on one of the many lawns and have a nice picnic in the shade of the trees.

Also within the park, there is a wonderful children’s play area with a fountain, a fragrant rose garden, and several museums to visit.

▶ In this article, you will find detailed information about Nervi, the seaside promenade and the Parks.

Historical Park of Villa Duchessa di Galliera

villa duchessa galliera
where to have barbecue and picnic in genoa

The Historical Park of Villa Duchessa di Galliera is located in the Voltri district in the west of Genoa.

It is a wonderful 32-hectare green area where you can walk and picnic.

The picnic areas are located one near the Rovine della Fortezza, from which there is a beautiful view of the sea, and the other above the deer enclosure and next to the goat enclosure.

Also here, there is a beautiful green lawn where you can spread out your towel and sunbathe.

Shortly after the entrance to the park of Villa Duchessa, there is a nice playground for children.

To get to the park, take the Genova Voltri exit and continue to Piazza Odicini, where there is a car park where you can leave your car.

From here, continue on foot to the park entrance, which is located on Via al Santuario delle Grazie.

For those wishing to arrive by public transport, the Voltri railway station is less than a kilometre from the entrance.

Alternatively, the No. 1 bus departs from Piazza Caricamento in Genoa’s Porto Antico (but takes more than 1 hour).

Lake Lame

lame lake

We move on to Rezzoaglio, in Val d’Aveto, to the wonderful Lago delle Lame, at an altitude of 1048 metres.

Here, there is no real meadow where you can lay out your towel and sunbathe, but the place is so evocative that I couldn’t help but mention it.

In any case, you can find a few picnic tables (a few) around the lake.

▶ In this article, you will find detailed information on Lago delle Lame.

Where to have barbecues in and around Genoa: equipped areas

Below you can find some barbecue areas in and around Genoa where you can spend a nice day in the open air.

Brugneto Lake


Brugneto Lake is an artificial lake located in the Antola Regional Natural Park in the upper Trebbia Valley.

There are four picnic areas at Brugneto Lake and they are located along the path that runs along the entire reservoir.

The route is a total of 14 kilometres long, but to reach the barbecue station and picnic tables, it is not necessary to walk that far.

▶ In this article, you will find detailed information on Lake Brugneto.

Where to have barbecues in Genoa and surroundings: Beigua Park

where to have barbecues genoa

Within the Beigua Park, there are several picnic spots and barbecue areas.

Important – In these areas, the waste bins have been removed. Please bring an extra bag to put your rubbish in and dispose of it at the nearest collection points.

One of these equipped areas is Pratorotondo (also known as Prà Riondo) located to the right of the refuge of the same name, with a wonderful sea view.

The Pratorotondo refuge can be reached by car from Varazze, taking the SP542 and then the SP57.

▶ In this article, you will find detailed information on the Beigua Park.

Faiallo Pass

The picnic area at Passo del Faiallo has a large lawn, wooden tables and stone grilling stations.

I recommend bringing your own grill and using the one present to support your own.

In the area there is also a wooden swing, toilets and, nearby, a convenient hotel-restaurant for a coffee at the end of a meal.

The Faiallo Pass can be reached by taking the provincial road that connects Genoa Voltri to Urbe (from Voltri it is about a 40-minute drive).

Where to have barbecues in genoa: Curlo of Arenzano

where to have barbecues genoa

Even at Curlo of Arenzano, there is a breathtaking view of the coast.

The picnic area is equipped with tables, barbecue stations (housed in special hut-shaped structures based on ancient charcoal pits), and a drinking water fountain.

The Curlo picnic area can be reached by exiting the Arenzano motorway exit and continuing towards Agueta (about 10 minutes by car).

Praglia Plains

Among the most popular destinations for the Genoese, there are also the Piani di Praglia which host a beautiful picnic area with tables and stone barbecue stations.

From the centre of Genoa, it takes about 45 minutes by car, exiting at the Bolzaneto tollgate and taking the SP4 road up from Pontedecimo and Ceranesi.

Where to have barbecues in Genoa and its surroundings: Casella Green Area

Another beautiful area equipped with barbecue facilities around Genoa is that of Casella.

The Casella meadow is a very popular destination in spring with its barbecue stations, tables andchildren’s play area.

There is also a drinking fountain and an area for dogs.

The green area of Casella can be reached from Genoa by the characteristic little train that leaves from Piazza Manin, or by car by exiting at the Busalla tollgate and proceeding towards Savignone.

▶ You may be interested in Boscopiano, the Val Borbera equipped area.

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