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The most beautiful treks in and around Genoa


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Genoa is a city located between the sea and the mountains, so there is no shortage of opportunities to organise a nice hike in the green hinterland or on the coast, with wonderful views of the sea.

Trekking is a passion that I have carried with me since I was a child, and walking in nature is my first thought when I wake up in the morning and it is sunny.

Whether trekking inland or on the Riviera, the important thing is to put on your backpack and go!

For this reason, I have tried to bring together the most beautiful treks in Genoa and the surrounding area, which can also be done with children (if trained), of which you will find a detailed description below.

The most beautiful treks in Genoa

Excursion to the Laghetti di Nervi

most beautiful treks in and around Genoa
nervi canyon

The small lakes of Nervi are pools of crystal-clear water located a few steps from the district of the same name.

The small lakes are a small natural oasis to be visited in any season (although, in my opinion, if you do not plan to go swimming, the best time to organise an excursion is mid-season).

In addition to the small lakes, there is a sort of canyon, with rocks and small waterfalls, which is truly suggestive.

The trek is also accessible to children. Go to full article

Genoa Forts Ring


The excursion to the Genoa Forts is a must for us Genoese because it allows you to immerse yourself in nature while remaining within walking distance of the city.

Trekking to the Forts is a loop trip along the ancient forts that rise behind the city of Genoa.

The forts along the route are Forte Sperone, Forte Puin, Fratello Minore and Forte Diamante.

The complete tour is about 9 kilometres long with an altitude difference of 400 metres.

It is also feasible with children, if trained and already accustomed to trekking. Go to the full article.

The most beautiful treks in and around Genoa: Ancient Historical Aqueduct of Genoa

most beautiful treks in and around Genoa

The Historic Aqueduct of Genoa is an ancient architectural structure, located in the Bisagno Valley, built to supply water to the entire city.

Part of the 40 kilometres of the Acquedotto Storico disappeared with urbanisation but long stretches remain where you can walk in nature, among vegetable gardens and olive trees.

Trekking along the Aqueduct is pleasant because it is almost entirely flat, and therefore suitable for the whole family.

In the article, you will find the description of the itineraries, with the main points of interest – Go to article.

Trekking to the abandoned village of Canate

canate di marsiglia

The trek, in itself, is nothing special because it has no flat stretches, only descents and ascents, which are quite tiring.

The excursion does, however, lead to the abandoned village of Canate, an extraordinary testimony to the peasant culture of the past, in the Ligurian hinterland.

Time taken to reach Canate is one hour and the difference in altitude is about 440 metres.

Abandoned village can only be reached on foot via three routes. Go to full article

The most beautiful treks around Genoa

Hiking on Mount Antola


Mount Antola is known as the mountain of the Genoese and is a trekkers‘ paradise.

For us, it is a must to plan an excursion to Monte Antola with lunch at the refuge once a year!

There are many paths leading to the summit, from the Scrivia, Trebbia and Borbera valleys.

The most suitable path for children is certainly the one that starts from Casa del Romano. Go to the complete article.

Trekking on Mount Caucasus

most beautiful treks in and around Genoa

Another of our regular summer appointments is trekking on Monte Caucaso with lunch at the refuge and a breathtaking view of the Bay of Sestri Levante.

The excursion is simple: start from Barbagelata and follow the 3.5-kilometre path, which becomes uphill only in the last part of the route, reaching the summit of the mountain in about 1h/1h30 from the start. Go to full article

Trekking on Mount Gifarco and sword in the rock

most beautiful treks in and around Genoa

Mount Gifarco is located on the border between the Trebbia and Aveto valleys, and on its summit there is a real sword embedded in the rock!

The hike to Mount Gifarco is approximately 4 kilometres long (8 each way) with a difference in altitude of 493 metres and an estimated time of 2 hours (one way plus 1 hour for the return).

Be careful on the last stretch, which is not practicable with small children or a backpack. Go to the full article.

Excursions on Monte di Portofino

most beautiful treks in and around Genoa

The Regional Natural Park of Portofino is characterised by a dense network of paths immersed in the fragrant and luxuriant Mediterranean scrub.

There are, in total, 80 kilometres of trails, suitable for both experienced hikers and families with children.

The paths winding up the Monte di Portofino offer some of the most scenic views to be found in Liguria.

Among the most beautiful are the trek that leads to Punta Chiappa and the trek that passes through Pietre Strette. And how can we forget the Passeggiata dei Baci.

Go to the full article.

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