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Genoa Aqueduct: Sifone Bridge Rio Veilino


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As mentioned in this article, the Historic Aqueduct of Genoa is an ancient architectural structure located in the Bisagno Valley, which has ensured the water supply of the city of Genoa and its port for centuries.

In this article we will describe the itinerary that starts at Staglieno, passes through the ancient wash-houses of Genoa and arrives at the spectacular Sifone Bridge over the Veilino river. From here you can either go back the way you came or continue along via delle Ginestre and, through the creuze, descend towards Staglieno, thus completing a circular route (in both cases it is about 3 km in total).

Obviously you can also start from via delle Ginestre and do the route in reverse. Pay attention to the opening hours of the Sifone Bridge as it is often closed.

Below you will find all the indications to walk along the section of the Historic Aqueduct of Genoa that goes from Staglieno to Ponte Sifone over Rio Veilino.

Itinerary on the Historic Aqueduct of Genoa

Itinerary Staglieno ➜ Lavatoio ➜ Ponte Sifone over rio Veilino

Park in the vicinity of the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno and continue on foot towards the mountains (keeping the cemetery on your left) until you reach the sign that marks the beginning of the Acquedotto Storico.

You will find it by turning into an internal street at the end of the cemetery, where there is a garage.

From the sign starts a creuza – salita alla Chiesa di Staglieno (ascent to the Church of Staglieno) – that is, a typical Genoese cobbled road, nice and steep, about 300 metres long, which, in just under 10 minutes, leads to the Antichi Lavatoi di Genova (Genoa’s ancient wash houses).

Here you can still see an ancient wash-house (treuggio) with its original structure in quarry stone with two basins.

At this point, climb a few more metres until you reach the imposing Church of San Bartolomeo Apostolo di Staglieno.

From here you can turn right into the Acquedotto Storico, or continue left into Via Cà dè Mussi – on an asphalted road – to reach the Ponte Sifone bridge over the Veilino stream, after about 800 metres of walking.

ascent to the church
Ascent to the Church of Staglieno
wash house
Opening hours of the wash-house
ancient wash house
Ancient wash-house of Genoa
ancient wash house
Ancient wash-house with two basins
aqueduct of genoa
What to see on the Acquedotto Storico di Genova

Sifone Bridge over rio Veilino

The Ponte Sifone (siphon bridge) over the rio Veilino is a spectacular hydraulic work crossing the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno.

From the bridge one has an exceptional view of the spires and domes of the cemetery.

The bridge, built in 1840, has a length of 450 metres and a height of 20. It is supported by 19 arches and at the sides are iron pipes in which the water for the aqueduct flowed.

The upstream pipe is still the original one from the construction, while the one downstream has been replaced over time.

The Sifone Bridge is divided into a flat central area and two side ramps sloping to follow the profile of the two sides of the Veilino stream valley.

It can be crossed safely even with children but without a pushchair as there are several steps.

Opening hours of the Sifone Bridge over the Veilino stream

The bridge can only be visited on the second Saturday of the month from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (we found it open on other days as well).

If you would like to give a call before planning your visit, please contact theAegua Fresca Association: [email protected]; 393407167426.

via Cà dè Mussi
Via Cà dè Mussi
sifone bridge
Sifone Bridge on the side of Via delle Ginestre
sifone bridge over rio veilino
Ponte Sifone bridge over Rio Veilino

How to get to Ponte Sifone over Rio Veilino

If you arrive by car, the nearest motorway exit is Genova Est; park near the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno and continue on foot.

You can arrive by car via Via delle Gavette and park directly in Via Cà de Mussi near the Church of San Bartolomeo Apostolo di Staglieno (parking spaces are really limited).

If you arrive by bus, lines 13 and 14 run from Brignole and stop in front of the Staglieno Cemetery.

If you want to start on the Via delle Ginestre side instead, the path passes behind the Ss. Sacramento parish church, and leads to an old tunnel. Coming out of the tunnel, you will find the Sifone Bridge.

sifone bridge
The spectacular Sifone Bridge over the Veilino stream

Where to eat around Staglieno

Da Marcello Restaurant

In the area surrounding the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno there are no restaurants or places worth eating.

If you have the time and inclination to walk 1.5km towards the centre, you will find the Da Marcello restaurant in Piazzale Marassi, which serves unexpectedly good fish dishes.

At lunchtime you can choose between the fixed workers’ menu (10euro) or à la carte dishes, at dinner only a la carte. In summer it also has a small outdoor dehor.

If you arrive by car, there is a large square in front of the entrance where you can park for free, otherwise from Staglieno you can take lines 48, 480, 482 (there are 4 stops).

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